Agrytech wins Entrepreneurship Program of the Year

Agrytech was voted Entrepreneurship Program of the Year at the Business Opportunities in Lebanon Conference and Exhibition organized by Info Pro Management, publishers of Lebanon Opportunities on October 11, 2017.

Agrytech was voted Entrepreneurship Program of the Year

Berytech’s President and CEO Maroun Chammas received the award on behalf of the program’s team from Ramzi El Hafez, in the presence of a large audience as well as other awardees. He commented, “We are thrilled to have been voted Entrepreneurship Award of the Year, and by one of the most trusted publishers in the region none the less.”

The Agrytech Cluster is envisioned to become the driving force of the Agri-Food innovators, industry leaders and expert community by stimulating innovation, reinforcing mutual exchanges, and setting international legitimacy, and receiving this award only validates that Berytech’s vision and mission are on the right track,” concludes Chammas.

Lebanon Opportunities organizes the conference every year, which sees several of the country’s top business leaders, decision-makers, investors, and managers attend, as well as dozens of foreign investors and businesspeople.

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