The BESTMEDGRAPE Program call for applications is now open for entrepreneurs developing new products using grape and wine by-products to win a gant of 10,000 Euro.

Applications are closed.

Objective of the Program

BESTMEDGRAPE Program is supporting entrepreneurs working on the development of new products using grape and wine by-products.

The objective from this call is to support 10 entrepreneurs from Lebanon for developing new products using the grape and wine by-products. The final aim is fostering the creation of both individual and collective business initiatives focused on the processing and marketing of wine by-products.

The selected eligible participants will benefit from a grant valued for EUR 10,000.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must:

  • Be Individuals (not a registered entity)
  • Have reached 18 years old at the time of submission of the application
  • Be directly responsible for the preparation and management of the action (i.e., not acting as an intermediary).
  • Submit a pitch deck.

Application process

Sub-grant guideline: Microsoft Word – EN_BESTMEDGRAPE Vouchers Guidelines for applicants.docx (

Application form (1a): EN_Annex 1a Subgrant application form.docx (

Annex 1b Sub-grant Budget: EN_Annex 1b Budget.xlsx (

Applicants and co-applicant(s), are requested to fill in the followings:

  • Annex 1a – Application form
  • Annex 1b – Sub-grant budget
  • Copy of participants’ identity document (applicant and co-applicant(s))

Annexes must be signed and submitted (along with the pitch deck) by e-mail to the following address:

Application process

Applicants and co-applicant(s), are requested to fill and submit the following:

Annexes must be signed and submitted by e-mail to the following address:

The deadline to apply is: May 26th 2022

About the Program

Grape as a traditional crop in the Mediterranean area has a strong innovation potential, which has not been effectively exploited yet. People working in the grape cultivation sector are generally focused on improving the quality of grape and wine, but usually don’t consider how to make the most out of grape waste.

Based on the R&D experience of the partners in the fields of grape valorization, waste exploitation and development of nanotechnological antioxidant/anti-inflammatory/anti-neurodegenerative formulations, BESTMEDGRAPE aims at supporting the creation of new startups/SMEs by transferring scientific/technological knowledge on local grape cultivars and the exploitation of wine by-products as a source of bioactive compounds that can be transformed into innovative commercial health products. Hence, the project will not only valorize a Mediterranean product – grape – but also the expansion of the grape value chain through the development of nanotechnological products, thus boosting the local economy, reducing environmental pollution, and increasing employment opportunities.

Berytech is an implementing partner in Lebanon of the New Business opportunities & Environmental sustainability using MED GRAPE nanotechnological products – BESTMEDGRAPE project, under Thematic Objective A.2 – Support to education, research, technological development, and innovation.

Need more info?

If you have any questions about the BESTMEDGRAPE Program, please email, and we will get back to you.