Bring your research or technology to market in 4 months with the Innovation Factory Acceleration Program

Are you a researcher, instructor, a post-graduate, an innovator, an engineer or a technician? Have you had developed an applied research project or prototype or technology and looking to access the market, create a startup and get international exposure? Apply before April 6, 2020. 

The Program in Brief

Berytech invites you to take part in The Innovation Factory: from research to market, a program allowing you to develop your research or technology innovation in any sector into a practical and commercially-viable product or application 

Intensive Bootcamp

A 3-day entrepreneurship bootcamp with seasoned experts 

Showcasing & Matchmaking

One showcasing and matchmaking event with investors and industry experts 


Access to incubation support for 1 selected project and a support grant prize

Eligibility Criteria

  • Researchers, innovators, engineers, professors having an applied research project or technology-based innovation in any sector with an existing prototype that is locally developed with the potential of scalability.
  • The innovation must address major industrial, societal or environmental challenges, and it must be transferable (no Intellectual Property issues).
  • The project should be close to the commercialization and market application.

Applicants will be assessed based on the strength of the application, including technology innovation assessment, the economic viability of the project, and the team expertise and motivation.


Berytech has partnered with Saba & Co. Intellectual Property, commonly referred to as Saba IP, an intellectual property firm active in Middle East and Africa, for the due diligence of the applications to the Innovation Factory Program.

The process of commercially developing research technology into new products or services varies widely. It could include licensing of intellectual property, offering technical consultancy, or selling the developed technology or the assets and knowledge developed around it. All have the potential of generating tremendous revenue streams for the people behind the technology.

The Program's Timeline

The four-month program includes a bootcamp, a showcasing and matchmaking event as well as an incubation phase.

3-day intensive entrepreneurship bootcamp

April 22-24, 2020

6 selected projects will have the chance to attend a 3-day intensive bootcamp (for free), led by an international expert, for up to 2 people per team. The Bootcamp’s program focuses on teamwork, networking, mentoring sessions with international and local experts, learning, applied knowledge and exchange of expertise. It will aim at helping you explore market, funding, commercialization and business opportunities, as well as develop a valid business model for your innovation with access to:

  • Receive technical and practical guidance and interaction with experts
  • Develop your own business model 
  • Learn about intellectual property 
  • Develop your commercialization and market strategy
  • Develop a process for technology protection
  • Learn about basic financial modelling
  • Prepare your pitch to present it to investors and partners

Showcasing and Matchmaking event

April 24, 2020

The 6 teams will be showcasing their technologies during a matchmaking and showcasing event, where they will pitch in front of an audience of partners, jury members, industry players, experts and investors, getting valuable feedback and collaboration opportunities for their projects. They will also get feedback from the jury.

  • B2B meetings: market-oriented matchmaking meetings will also take place between the teams and different investors, industrial leaders and experts
  • Selection of 1 Project to be incubated in Berytech with access to a support grant prize 

3-month Incubation Phase

May-July 2020

1 selected team will have follow-up personal working meetings and technical assistance sessions with the Berytech Business Support & Development Team to develop the business plan and be ready to meet with investors. 

The incubation period will revolve around: 

  • setting the selected team’s roadmap of activities,
  • assessing their needs and challenges,
  • matching them with the right experts,
  • setting up meetings with potential investors,
  •  and granting them access to masterclasses.

Apply Here

Please fill in the entire application and submit it before April 6, 2020.

Need more info?

If you have any questions about Berytech’s Innovation Factory Program, please email Ms. Tala Saleh on, and we will get back to you.