Become an Ambassador for the Lebanon Innovate Diaspora Network

Create connections and potential partnerships in international markets today.

About the Lebanon Innovate Diaspora Network

The Lebanon Innovate diaspora network aims to re-connect diaspora members with key innovation stakeholders in Lebanon.

Our Goals

Connectivity and Networking

Facilitate connections and networking opportunities with Lebanese entrepreneurs, researchers and fellow diaspora members.

Support and Engagement

Provide support in diaspora members area of such as mentorship programs and access to educational resources.

Contribution and Development

Involving activities like investment in the innovators and researchers’ innovations, philanthropic efforts, knowledge and skill transfer, and advocacy for policies that benefit the homeland.

Reasons to Join

Network Empowerment

Strengthen your business and influence networks.

Access to Events

Participate in Lebanon's innovation events in Lebanon and abroad, including exclusive meetings.

Project Engagement

Seize opportunities to contribute as a speaker, trainer, expert or more.

Stay Informed

Be featured on our platforms as a distinguished diaspora member.

Showcase Opportunity

Be featured on our platforms as a distinguished diaspora member.

Foster R&D Ambitions

Leverage Lebanon Innovate to develop your research and development aspirations.

International Collaboration

Access opportunities to collaborate on future international projects.

Who Can Apply?

The Lebanon Innovate Diaspora Network welcomes applications from Lebanese professionals, entrepreneurs, innovators, and individuals of Lebanese descent residing abroad who are passionate about contributing to Lebanon’s innovation ecosystem.

Becoming A Member

As a member of the Lebanon Innovate Diaspora Network, you will be involved in actively shaping and advancing Lebanon Innovate’s Knowledge & Innovation Communities through your expertise, commitment, diversity, and extensive networks. Here’s what member involvement and activities look like:

  • Events: Join Lebanon Innovate conferences, international matchmaking events, and tap into the EBN Network for expanded collaboration and networking opportunities.
  • Networking: Become a vital part of the Lebanon Innovate network supporting Knowledge and Innovation Communities. Connect with global and Lebanese innovation stakeholders, fostering valuable partnerships and collaborations.
  • Trainings & Mentorship: Offer mentorship and expertise in your field to academia, businesses, and researchers.
  • Activities Access: Engage in compelling activities within the Innovation and Business Diaspora group. Gain entry to GICO Academies and opportunities for benchmarking visits, enriching your knowledge and experiences in innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • International Ecosystem Access: Explore customized acceleration programs for researchers and become an integral part of new cooperation systems for partnership and project development.
  • Linkages: Foster collaboration by facilitating connections with partners, events, fellow researchers, and active participation in the research community.

Got some questions?

For more information about the Lebanon Innovate Diaspora Network, please contact us!