Launching Lebanon’s First Knowledge & Innovation Communities

Become an active member of the vibrant communities driving Lebanon’s innovation and growth in the Agriculture and Food, Healthcare, and ICT & Creative Industries.

About the Knowledge & Innovation Communities

Connecting passionate organizations in Lebanon, fostering knowledge sharing and collaboration to boost innovation.

The Knowledge & Innovation Community (KIC) brings together universities, research centers, industries, government bodies, and business support organizations to bridge the gap between research and industry and create collaboration opportunities. One of Lebanon Innovate’s ultimate goals is to elevate Lebanon’s position in science, technology, and innovation through building three KICs, each dedicated to a focus sector: Agriculture and Food, Healthcare, and ICT & Creative Industries.

Our Goals

knowledge sharing

by connecting with Lebanese researchers, organizations, and institutions.

Build an enabling environment for collaboration and partnership building

between different Lebanese institutions and individuals within selected industries.

Enhance research and innovation capacities

by empowering stakeholders and fostering a culture of continuous growth and progress.

Reasons to Join

The KICs offer a multitude of advantages, accommodating a diverse range of stakeholders and tailored to your specific needs in the innovation landscape.

  • Pioneer Innovation: Become the first to join Lebanon’s first KICs.
  • Stay Ahead: Access the latest trends in Innovation and Intellectual Property through comprehensive training.
  • Knowledge Hub: Access innovation resources material including learning material and toolkits.
  • Ecosystem Opportunities: Access a world of opportunities within the innovation ecosystem.
  • Collaboration Central: Collaborate with key partners in your field and access technical expertise.
  • Shape Lebanon’s Innovation Strategy: Actively contribute to the development of a national innovation and knowledge transfer strategy.
  • Local and Global Exposure: Expand your horizons with local and international exposure.
  • International Reach: Access international innovation networks and opportunities.
  • Program Development: Engage in program development to drive innovation.
  • Networking Power: Leverage extensive networks, including diaspora connections, and get showcased on the Innovation Portal.
  • Funding for Research: Access funding opportunities to support your research endeavors.

Who can apply?

Passionate organizations are welcomed to actively shape and advance Lebanon's Knowledge & Innovation Communities.

KICs Members

Profiles should belong to either Industries, Government Bodies, Business Support Organizations, Universities, or Research Centers.

Focus Sectors

Agriculture and Food, Healthcare, or ICT & Creative Industries.

Organizations will be selected based on the following:


A strong track record and demonstrated sector-specific and innovation expertise.


A broad spectrum of key ecosystem players, spanning academia, industry, government representatives, and business support organizations.


A dedicated commitment to advancing the KICs' objectives and actively engaging in KIC activities.


A strong network of partners, stakeholders, or intended beneficiaries that can promote innovation within the ecosystem.

Becoming a Member

As a member of the Knowledge & Innovation Communities (KICs), you will have the opportunity to actively engage and contribute to the growth of innovation in Lebanon. Here’s what member involvement and activities look like:

  • Share and enhance sector-specific knowledge within the community, fostering mutual growth and understanding.
  • Contribute to the development of shared knowledge on the Lebanon Innovate portal, enriching the collective resource pool.
  • Champion innovation opportunities within your sector, actively promoting advancements and initiatives.
  • Disseminate valuable opportunities within your network, expanding the reach and impact of innovation in your field.
  • Organize and participate in initiatives and events that facilitate and promote technology transfer, bridging the gap between research and practical applications.
  • Attend capacity building and training sessions to further enhance your knowledge and skills in driving innovation.
  • Collaborate closely with Technology Transfer Offices of Universities & Research Centers to maximize the impact of academic research.
  • Actively participate in promoting success stories, celebrating the achievements of local researchers and Lebanon’s Science, Technology, and Innovation (STI) milestones.

Got some questions?

For more information about the KICs membership, please contact us!