Prototyping HealthTech Solutions at the Berytech Fab Lab

Berytech has announced that it is welcoming in its Digital Fabrication Lab anyone and any team working on a Health Technology solution including Test Kits or Respiratory Devices or mobile applications for detection, tracing, and information sharing, that can respond immediately to the Coronavirus crisis and the current emergency medical needs for Lebanon. 

Berytech will be supporting up to 5 projects with up to a $10,000 grant each to cover material used.

The Digital Fabrication Lab is housed in the Berytech innovation park in Mar Roukoz, and its team of engineers is ready to assist with using all the machines to develop the prototype of the solutions. Theprototyping space has various digital fabrication tools, allowing anyone to design, engineer and produce almost anything. We believe that we can use the available resources and machinery we have to help limit the impact of the COVID19 virus. 

The prototyping can be done for the following but not limited to:

  1. Ventilators that could be locally produced using available components in the market using available machinery (a huge team of engineers and scientists are currently working on developing open source designs as we speak)
  2. Tube connectors to deal with multiple respiratory flexible tubings leading air from the respirator machine to the tracheal tubing inside the patient’s throat
  3. Personal Protective Equipment including Face Masks and Face Shields
  4. Spare parts that are needed for existing machines and not available in stock – we can 3D print those
  5. Mobile Apps for detection, tracing, and information sharing – we have developers and coders ready

The Berytech Fab Lab team is in contact with Helpful Engineering – a 5,000 strong volunteer organization, with engineers, scientists and doctors around the world. The team is also in contact with other initiatives, both local and in the Arab Region who are willing to support and help in terms of skills, expertise in the development and prototyping phase if needed.

If you have questions, please email us at

Watch this 3 min video about the Berytech Fab Lab and check out the equipment here.

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