Zoom In: Quadra, Optical Fruit Sorter

What They Do:

Quadra is developing an optical fruit sorting machine, capable of sorting different types of fruits based on the international standards of size, color, and defects. It utilizes the latest Machine Learning and Computer Vision technologies, coupled with state-of-the-art manufacturing, to provide the best levels of accuracy in grading, defect detection, and fruit handling.

Their Startup Experience:

“As engineering students who believed in our own idea, we had little to no knowledge about how to validate our idea in the market and kickstart our business. This is why we sought out Agrytech’s support to help us learn these basics and to walk us through the process of building our own company and reach out to investors later on.

The Bootcamp Phase was a live-or-die situation for our business idea. It challenged us to validate our idea fully in the real-world before building the product. This phase is extremely beneficial to any business. It allows startups to know whether their idea has a need early on, can be tweaked to better match an existing need, or does not have a market at all. In our case, we were able to validate the necessity of sorting machines in the region and to tweak our business model to better suit our potential customers.

For the second phase, we hope to build a functional minimum viable product (MVP) of our machine and test it in the market. We hope to find a potential customer to sign our first MOU with and receive constructive feedback from to better improve our product. Moreover, we hope to better understand the dynamics of starting a business, how to build a pricing strategy for our product, and how to go about reaching investors and raising funds.

We were able to move to the second phase of the program because we have a synchronized team. Building the team member functions based on our individual unique capabilities helped us greatly in achieving our short and long-term goals during phase one. Moreover, having the continuous support of our mentor at the Agrytech program played a vital role in driving our team in the right direction. Overall and through the help of our mentor, we managed to build a coherent business model that would attract our potential customers and that convinced the judges during our final pitch at the end of phase 1.”

The team consists of Serge El Khoury, Kevin Boutros and Kristina Farah.

Connect With Them:


The ‘Zoom In’ Series highlights the 14 teams who were chosen from Batch 2 to move to the second Phase of the Agrytech Accelerator. 

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