Rabeeh Abla Bringing CSP Healthcare, with One Motive to Improve Patient Care

Rabeeh Abla is a Lebanese entrepreneur, who studied computer science in Lebanon at the University of Balamand, and worked there for two years in research related to artificial intelligence. After that, he worked for six years in software development at a Lebanese US based company where he held the position of a software architect.

In 2009 Rabeeh founded CSP Solution as his first and core business. CSP Solutions is founded on the idea to put optimization within clients reach, by providing innovative software solutions that save time and money.

In 2010 Rabeeh won the Berytech incubation award, where Berytech provided CSP Solutions with incubation, as well as continuous business support and seminars and discounts to exhibit at major IT exhibitions abroad like Qitcom in Qatar.

In 2011 Rabeeh was introduced to Mowgli through Berytech, were he was selected as one of Mowgli entrepreneurs, where he had the chance to be mentored for one year by Chris Littlefield founder of Acknowledgment Works.
According to Rabeeh “Berytech support was very essential to CSP Solutions growth and have helped me and my business to grow all these years, and to reach a stage of scaling my business.”

In August 2013 one of the innovative products that CSP developed for its clients was featured as app of the month at Nuance (Speech Recognition world leader). And there are currently less than five speech recognition solutions similar to it in the world. Thus, CSP as a Lebanese company is very proud by its client’s success stories, and achievements.

CSP idea of success is to develop and provide high quality innovative software solutions that saves time and money, and consequently put optimization within clients reach, this is CSP slogan that is embedded in the company culture, software products and service, everything revolves around optimization in CSP, it is the core foundation of the business.

In mid 2014 Rabeeh started another company under CSP Solutions, and named it CSP Healthcare, with one motive to improve patient care. By providing Electronic Medical Records for clinics and hospitals, cloud based and on premise deployment. He claims “Our focus is to help healthcare institutions in Lebanon, MENA and USA in improving patient care. We are currently seven employees in Lebanon and a team of twenty developers in India, we are growing everyday and looking to scale CSP offices.”

Rabeeh ended by saying: “My advice to people who want to be entrepreneurs is to master their domain or craft, and learn how to add value and help people. Money is the end result one gets for a good service or product. Therefore, learn to develop and provide good services and products. Never let your fear eat your dreams, the key of success begins with a humble attitude, that is filled with gratitude and love for serving and learning.”

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