Recruiting? Top 10 Tips For Startups


Victor Hallit, CEO of Net-Recrute, is a business mentor to a wide network of professionals all around the globe. He is consistently coaching SMEs in their business development, helping them create new partnerships and open up to new markets.

When providing startups with tips on hiring their first recruits, here are his top ten: 

  1. Hire early (if you can) to avoid getting overworked. It will allow you to focus on what is important fo the growth of your startup. 
  2. Understand what you are good at and look at onboarding people who complement you. 
  3. Determine the matrix of competencies needed for your startup and ensure all competencies are covered.
  4. Come up with creative ways to attract talent.
  5. Hire passionate people. You can train them later on the skills required for the job.
  6. Have more than one team member conduct the interview.
  7. Assign tasks to potential hires or try them on a project first.
  8. Provide a detailed on-boarding program for new comers. 
  9. Embark the new comer on your vision and journey.
  10. Make sure that the legal aspects are covered for both you and the new hire.   


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