Reigniting the Tech Sector in the Lebanese Digital Ecosystem

Through strategic partnerships, cutting-edge research, and collaboration with leading experts in AI, we at Berytech are committed to driving forward the digital ecosystem in Lebanon and revolutionizing industries across the board.

Berytech hosted a conference on Artificial intelligence and Web 3 dynamics and opportunities titled “The Future of the Digital Ecosystem Through Generative AI”. The hybrid conference hosted four top-notch speakers from global tech companies including Meta, Mckinsey, and Arthur D Little, and gathered more than 200 physical attendees, 400 Zoom attendees, and 55 international attendees on the Metaverse venue built on the Rlty Platform.

The event was co-organized by Berytech, HEC Alumni Digital Hub ParisHEC Alumni Lebanon ChapterBerytech Smart ESA, and CMA CGM and took place at the Beirut Digital District on July 20, 2023.  

A Platform for Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration 

The conference acted as a platform to connect community organizations within Lebanon’s technology circles, which played an instrumental role in the event’s outreach process. These partners were Aether, AUB AI Hub, DX Talks, IEEE, SE Factory, Tech Circle Lebanon, USJ, Zaka & Beirut AI, LLWB, Nawaya, Cewas, Park Innovation, and BDD.

Two organizing partners also took the stage to express their dedication to advancing the local tech ecosystem. Global logistics company CMA CGM highlighted the integration of blockchain technology within their work as well as their active role in driving digital transformation through their digital hub and their recently launched tuition-free coding school, Ecole 42. Simultaneously, Smart ESA, the Accelerator of ESA Business School, discussed their endeavors to empower students with their innovative digital academic programs.

In turn, Maroun N. Chammas, Chairman and CEO of Berytech, expressed: “We strongly believe in the importance of collaborative efforts in rebuilding the ecosystem and were therefore determined to establish a robust network of partners and supporters who shared our vision and worked towards the same objectives. Today, as we gather to explore the future of the digital ecosystem through generative AI, we stand on the precipice of a revolution. Through strategic partnerships, cutting-edge research, and collaboration with leading experts in AI, we at Berytech are committed to driving forward the digital ecosystem in Lebanon and revolutionizing industries across the board. We aim to leverage the power of generative AI to create solutions that are not only transformative but also ethically and socially responsible.”

The Event and Its Inspiring Speakers

The event featured an impressive lineup of four speakers from global tech companies that were virtually present to deliver valuable and insightful talks about specialized topics. The four talks discussed the following topics: 

Dr. Albert Meige, Associate Director at Arthur D. Little and Global Director at BlueShift Institute, explored the disruptive impact of Generative AI on the business landscape in 2024. Delving into the potential of ChatGPT, he theorized how this technology is set to reshape interactions and disrupt traditional business models in the near future. 

Eric Hazan, Senior Partner at McKinsey and Company, presented an overview of the generative AI market and trends for 2024. He provided a comprehensive analysis of the current state of the Generative AI market and outlined key trends, growth opportunities, and emerging applications, offering attendees valuable insights into the evolving landscape of Generative AI. 

Pierre-Louis Xech, AI Academic Programs & Partnership EMEA at Meta AIshed light on the latest advancements in the realm of AI and specifically, Meta’s Generative AI model. He explored how these advancements are propelling the field forward and contributing to the development of innovative solutions across various industries. 

Thibault Mathieu, Founder at Wilkins-Avenue, took the attendees on an immersive journey showcasing different prestigious brands through the Metaverse, and highlighting the latest advancements in AR technology. He shed light on the interactive potential of XR, demonstrating how it can renew buyer experience for Brands like Lancôme, L’Oréal, and more.

“Web 3.0 and Generative AI will be the fastest-growing sectors for the next decade. It will bring new challenges for users, employees, and companies in all industries and huge opportunities for those who have anticipated this new ecosystem,” Mona Audi-Montaldier, CMO at BCS Group and President at HEC Alumni Digital Hub. 

Knowledge Exchange: Fueling Innovation

The conference took the form of knowledgeable talks, engaging Q&A discussions with the physical and virtual attendees, and an interactive networking segment to facilitate connection-building between the attendees.

The networking segment facilitated meaningful opportunities for key players, and individuals working in the tech sector to connect and collaborate. Participants from diverse backgrounds within the tech sector came together to explore potential partnerships and synergies, fostering an environment of innovation and cooperation. 

“Our objective is to gather the community members and shed light on Lebanon’s talent and outreach potential to create opportunities. We have co-organized this event with three other partners with whom we share the same commitment to Lebanon and the ability to build bridges with the rest of the world: Berytech, Smart Esa and CMA CGM. Having said that, We want to have all interested people and organizations on board with us,” Expressed Tina El Boustany, President of HEC ALumni Lebanon Chapter and Head of Grants and Finance Controls for Water and Energy for Food Program at Berytech.

The Road Ahead: Paving the Way for Technological Advancement in Lebanon 

“The Future of the Digital Ecosystem Through Generative AI” marked the beginning of a series of Berytech technology conferences on AI and Web 3 Dynamics and Opportunities. With the collaborative efforts of partnering organizations and local ecosystem partners, these events are set to serve as catalysts for positive and sustainable growth in Lebanon’s ICT sector. 

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Rudy Daniel

Rudy Daniel joined the Berytech Communication team with his experience as a marketer, content writer, and trainer having led numerous successful campaigns and supported local entrepreneurs and change-makers. Rudy is a huge video game enthusiast who enjoys mind-boggling puzzles, hiking, deep-sea diving and paragliding.

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