“Reveal Your Inner Leader: Connect to your vision”- Part Of Berytech Leadership Coaching Series


The one thing all successful entrepreneurs have in common is the desire to make their idea a reality. What entrepreneurs need most of all is to create a lucid and empowering process leading to the realization of that vision. Berytech has partnered with Certified Coaches Chérine Debbas & Ali Soubra to deliver a session of group coaching titled “Reveal Your Inner Leader: Connect to your vision”.

Reveal Your Inner Leader workshop was delivered on Tuesday November 17, 2015 to a room full of energetic entrepreneurs, students, mothers, engineers, doctors and publishers who attended the workshop with the conviction that strengthening their leadership skills will positively impact their personal and professional growth.

As the concept of leadership training is built on reinforcing the leader in YOU before leading others, the workshop aimed to connect the attendants to their vision whether it was a personal project or a professional one.


Ali & Cherine took the attendants through the elaborate process of translating their vision into an action plan passing through guided meditation, drawing, sharing and group work to writing their SMARRT action plan down.

SMARRT stands for: Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, Relevant and Time-bound.

The final SMARRT goals agreement filled by the participants was a material concretization of each individual’s thoughts, written down in the attempt of anchoring him or her to reality.

Chérine is a Leadership and Relationship coach, passionate about Leadership development and supporting her clients to achieve their goals by harnessing her strong corporate experience in a renowned multinational as well as her coaching expertise.

Ali is a trained and certified Professional Co-Active Coach combining his entrepreneurial background and experience to help people in achieving their goals, be they professional and/or personal, through trust commitment and passion.

Berytech has partnered with Chérine and Ali to offer a series of workshops on Leadership throughout the coming year.

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Feedback from workshop attendees:

“Leadership begins with a vision. Thanks to Cherine & Ali who helped me understand what that means and put me on a journey to attain it through becoming more self-aware.”

 “This is my first workshop and I really enjoyed it. Gave me an idea on how to structure my ideas and how to think about what I have to do to achieve my objective.”

 “It gave me a lot of energy and confidence.”

“This workshop was all about mixing business with fun!”

 “Engaging coaches providing some triggers for thought.”

 “Love it, Live it, Do it!”

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