Roni Matar Challenges You to Achieve This Year’s Resolutions



January 21, 2016 – Roni Matar delivers his workshop with high energy to a room full of involved participants at Berytech Technology & Health, Mathaf.

Roni starts his workshop with a video broadcasting inspirational thoughts:

“If today was the last day of my life would I wanna do what I’m about to do today?”

“He who says who can and he who says he can’t are usually right!”


After stirring up his audiences’ thoughts, Roni inquires about each of his audience’s resolutions and what is stopping them from accomplishing them.

Reasons such as lack of time, lack of will, accumulation of work, etc. , come up in the answers. Roni addresses each of these reasons in his presentation. He calls them limiting beliefs:

“I don’t need help.”

“There’ s still time.”

“When I solve this, I will have a perfect life.”

“I want to be myself. If I change I am inauthentic.”


His workshop is engaging, straightforward and at many times humorous. His tips are a set of beliefs that will drive personal change and change resolutions into actual achievements.

The question that you need to ask yourself everyday when you wake up is: “Am I willing at this time to make the investment required to make positive difference in this topic?” If the answer is no then drop the subject. If your resolutions are not driven by an inherent desire, a burning need then nothing will turn them into a reality – don’t waste your time.


He urges his audience to do their best, to have the courage to be themselves, to feel the fear and act, and to imagine and visualize the accomplishment of their goal until it becomes a reality.


Roni’s final advice is: “ If you do not act upon these tips within 3 days, you never will.”



About the trainer:

After getting his BS in Biology, Roni Matar spent the first 7 years of his working life in sales, from Medical Equipment to Life Insurance and Training, after that he made a shift in his career to self-development, and got his Master Practitioner of NLP -TimeLine Therapy® – Hypnosis, NLP Coach Certifications from the American Board Of NLP (ABNLP), and started working as a soft skills trainer & productivity coach, working with individuals and groups who want to achieve, have, and be more of what they want to be in life. Roni is certified from the American Boards of NLP, TimeLine Therapy® & Hypnosis. He also created the NLP Academy workshop series that are delivered in AltCity, Hamra Beirut. Roni is also the co-founder of Neopreneur, a coworking space and entrepreneurship academy in Byblos that allows entrepreneurs to follow their dream of starting up their business and having the adequate skills and abilities to succeed in the business world of today. Roni is now serving as the National President of JCI Lebanon for 2016.

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