SE Factory Graduates Batch I Following the Bootcamp at Berytech



SE Factory is an advanced coding bootcamp targeting computer science and engineering graduates and senior students to help them develop advanced technical (software development) and soft skills needed to compete in the Lebanese job market at almost no cost to the students.

SE Factory just successfully concluded the first cycle of the program which was hosted at Berytech Mar Roukoz, from which 8 students graduated as future software developers on June 17, 2016. The students put a huge effort and many sleepless nights into this intensive program, which clearly showed in the final projects they presented during demo day preceding their graduation and their high energy afterwards:

“I joined the SE Factory just to upgrade my skills and to learn web development as I’m now a desktop app developer with a Microsoft product background, which is different. What SE Factory offered me is learning a full set of web development languages. They were all new to me but I’ve been able to produce around 4 websites during the span of 3 months. It was really amazing! Today I demonstrated my final project, which was even greater than all the projects I have done before. Because I work, I needed to pull off 9 to 10 hours f training everyday at the Berytech training site while processing all the information I had to grasp in a short period of time and then work another 5 to 6 hours on my job. We were learning a new technology every day and then we had to implement it. It is very surprising that we were actually able to do that. Now, it feels amazing looking at the new set of skills that I have gained. I will be expecting more from myself and I will use the skills to expand my career.” – Rayan Zaatary is a CEE graduate with a Masters degree from Lebanese International University.

“I worked for a while in the .net environment before I joined SE factory to improve my skills in PHP and LAMP development. I joined this 3months program to gain more confidence and to increase my skills in programing, but what I actually got is more than what I have expected. The program taught us a programing mindset and a better way of thinking. Now, I can really say that I can develop any kind of software. The next step for me is to continue increasing my skills and continue learning and growing.”Mohamad Kreyim, LAU recent graduate

“My background is in graphic design, I was not into development before SE Factory. I joined SE Factory to gain the requirements needed to get into the domain of development. SE Factory was so intense. In three months, I got from no coding to having a published website online. I plan to practice my newly acquired knowledge in web development to improve my skills. For anyone planning to invest themselves in this program, I say the effort is totally worth it.”Hisham Zaydan, degree in Information Technology and Computing from Arab Open University

“The reason I joined SE Factory is to enhance my knowledge in web development which is something I have always wanted to do. The challenging part of SE Factory was the intensity of the workload and the short deadlines during which we had to present our work.

SE factory gave me a lot of confidence and maturity for the work field that I’ll be facing soon. I have a background in front-end development and now with back-end development knowledge, I have gained independency in completely implementing my ideas.” – Rayan Sadde, AUB graduate in Computer Science

 Applications are now open for batch #2 of the program, which starts in mid July, for which 15 students will be accepted. The application deadline is July 7th with an info session on June 29th for potential future applicants presenting the program and answering any questions.

Time: Wednesday, June 29th, 2016, 5:00pm till 7:00pm
Place: Berytech Digital Park- Bechara El Khoury (facing ministry of finance)

Please note that due to limited capacity, attendees need to register their attendance on Eventbrite here.

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