SHAAMS “Give and Take” with Renewables and Nature

Following the establishment of the Lebanese school sun clubs and after a series of activities with schools, WWF organization, Berytech and Zero Waste Act collaborated together to organize a summer camp aiming at raising awareness around renewable energies, providing the required tips and tools for participants to use and share across their schools network.


SHAAMS Sun Club summer camp took a touristic trip of different sorts this time around. Visiting the Salines of Anfeh, Balou Balaa, Tannourine, as well as the Ixsir winery, the 35 attendees, representing 3 reputable Lebanese schools, were given the chance to learn about each of their involvement in renewable energy projects. From the 8th to the 10th of July, participants were introduced to the uses and benefits of solar, wind, and water power, in an exquisite summer camp, organized at Hotel Douma, in Batroun Casa, Lebanon. Among the explained projects were the wind turbines in Anfeh used to pump sea water, solar energy used for lighting and heating systems, and the flow of water responsible for generating electricity and lighting up part of the country. This valuable program was organized by Zero Waste Act and Berytech, in collaboration with WWF, giving the opportunity to concretely showcase installed solar projects in order to explain technical parts needed and their benefits for the protection of the environment.


The evidence on the significant potential of sustainable energy is irrefutable. Many countries are looking towards sustainable energy solutions for environmental reasons but also to avoid unwanted economic changes. In a way, taking care of the country will take care of its people. The camp gave its attendees insight not only on existing projects, but also into the potential benefits of having more of the same projects in Lebanon. Lebanon is wealthy in its nature – literally – but its wealth has been overlooked.


On that note, the “Regional Renewable Energy Tool Box”, was launched, presenting an online regional platform with the objective of building the capacity of teachers and students on solar energy issues with an interactive tool.

At the end of the program, participants were very excited about the whole initiative and were willing to contribute to further activities that promote renewable energies. The whole camp presented a unique experience mixing environmental awareness, learning, fun and community work. We can finally say that thanks to SHAAMS EU-funded project, this program was a pilot initiative in Lebanon, which was very successful with a remarkable impact, presenting a good model to replicate over the coming years, spreading renewable energy awareness in schools.

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