Smart bracelet to manage anxiety wins Berytech’s Innovation in HealthTech competition at USJ

Smart bracelet wins USJ -Berytech healthtech competition
Smart bracelet wins USJ -Berytech healthtech competition

HealthTech Innovation Competition at USJ

For the third year, Berytech has partnered with the School of Pharmacy at Saint Joseph University to give a course on entrepreneurship, which culminates in a competition for innovation. 

Berytech launched the HealthTech Innovation Competition at USJback in 2016 with the objective to promote entrepreneurial spirit in the following sub-sectors: Pharmaceutical, Nutritional, Biological and Social.

Since then and in partnership with the Faculty of Pharmacy at USJ, Berytech has been offering 2 awards that include incubation support, as well as access to networks and funds.

The first place winner for this 2019 edition is Branxiety – a smart bracelet that helps manage anxiety attacks by monitoring vital signs during anxiety attacks, contacting emergency numbers automatically (doctor and family), guiding the patient during the anxiety attack by sending steps to follow in order to stop the crisis, and finally giving the patient a sense of security by sending special vibrations (similar to human support).

In second place comes Vaccicheck – a mobile application recommended by healthcare professionals to track the administration of vaccines to infants, children, adolescents, adults, pregnant women and elderly people; downloading this app helps to get over the confusion of vaccination dates.   

Maroun Chammas

Maroun N. Chammas, CEO of Berytech comments, “you are part of an elite segment in Lebanon who has been able to receive great higher education and particularly from a brilliant university like USJ. The real question now is what are you going to do with your new diploma? We are living in the era of exponential transformation. Those who will survive this new revolution, are those who realize that there is so much potential out there and opportunities and especially for Lebanese innovators, who have a unique ability to bridge east and west. We saw the great potential you all had during the entrepreneurship course, it’s not just about selling medicine, there are great possibilities to innovate and find solutions to make life easier and better. The medicine of the future is about helping us live longer and above all healthier. So, please use your diploma wisely, and don’t miss any chances!”

Entrepreneurship Course: from idea to startup

The course ‘from idea to startup’ is given by Maroun N. Chammas, CEO of Berytech as well as Krystel Khalil, Programs Director at Berytech and Danny Maalouly former Investment Manager at Berytech Fund II.

The 10 sessions cover the following topics: what it takes to become entrepreneur; the entrepreneurship process and the startup ecosystem in Lebanon; business model canvas; building your financials and how to approach investors; market research techniques; understanding your customers; go to market strategies; marketing for startups; final project presentation-jury and feedback; and coaching for the 2 final teams.

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