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As an entrepreneur, you have the ability to juggle, you are multi-disciplinary. That's how you're able to wear so many hats.

Published on Jul 12, 2018


30 minutes of entrepreneur insights. This week, Maroun Chammas, “CEO of Berytech, Chairman and CEO of IDM, Vice Chairman of MEDCO”.

00:0002:41 Maroun Chammas: An Introduction

02:414:11 Managing Different Businesses: Mindset & Skills

4:117:23 Fiber Optics, Infrastructure and Time to Deploy in Lebanon

7:239:11 Challenges to overcome for Fiber Optics deployment

9:1112:10 Parliament candidates & Vision on Entrepreneurship & Technology

12:1014:50 Oil & Gas Industry in Lebanon

14:5016:48 Hub of Technologies around Oil and Gas in Lebanon: A possibility?

16:4819:37 Reasons behind Failure to Advance in New areas of Expertise

19:3723:20 Universities, Research Development and New Technologies

23:2026:49 Initiative by Berytech & USJ: New Technologies for Pharmaceutical Sector


Episode 2 –

00: 00 – 05:32 Overview on Berytech’s structure & development

05: 32 – 06:23 Berytech in one sentence

06:2308:20 Berytech Fund as a cornerstone in the ecosystem

08:2010:56 Berytech Fund: Portfolio, Exists & Lessons learned

10:5611:27 Positioning the Lebanese Ecosystem worldwide

11:2716:40 Venture Capital Funds: Data & Portfolio management

16:4018:37 Central Bank Regulations & 331 Money

18:3722:50 Funds: Risks & Fund managers

22:5026:58 Changes to be done: time, accuracy & support

26:5828:10 Advice for Entrepreneurs

28:1031:05 Ecosystem & Government: Ministry of Innovation & Entrepreneurship


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