SMEs Pitch for a Chance to Scale

The winning businesses share a sustainable model with the possibility to maintain and hire new employees, directly impacting the farmers in Akkar and the Bekaa and contributing enormously to the community around them.

Part of Berytech’s intervention in the BASATINE consortium funded by Agence Française de Développement (AFD) and in partnership with CARE (as lead), Mercy Corps (MC), Georges N. Frem Foundation (GNFF), Lebanese Organization for Studies and Training (LOST), and Al Majmoua, is to assist, over four years, 78 SMEs operating in the value chains of cereals, legumes, and vegetables and help them thrive and have a more significant impact on the community and the farmers in the areas of the Bekaa and Akkar. 

“BASATINE was one of the smoothest and most organized programs that Dimples participated in; We received all the needed information, support, and skills during the assessment and pitching preparation period. Mr. Hussein Sheet was very supportive and informative. He did a focused follow-up and constructively mentored us throughout the whole process. He provided us with all the needed support to complete and present the pitch deck professionally and efficiently. As for the duration of the process, it was short, organized, informative, and leading.” 

Suhad Hamad, owner of Dimples

After a focused outreach to reach a diverse range of SMEs, Basatine selected 50 SMEs to assess and filtered 32 businesses to pitch at Berytech’s premises in front of a jury of professionals. As a result, 25 enterprises, out of which 11 are women-led, enrolled in the program’s first batch.

“It has been a pleasure dealing with you as a person and an entity of Berytech. The experience was rich on many levels. It started with how you contacted me, graciously informing me of an opportunity to scale up my business. The follow-up and working together to complete the pitch were consistent and helpful. Presenting ourselves in front of the jury was more straightforward than anticipated because of the well-planned and prepared work, thanks to my favorite adviser Mr. Sheet…”

Fares Murr, Owner of May Daily Basket

Majed Kaadan, the managing partner at Judi Lebanon, reported gaining valuable experience organizing his plan and financials and forecasting goals for the upcoming year following BASATINE’s early-stage consultation. May Abou Charbine, a partner in BRB pasta, enjoyed the assistance since day one of applying to the program. She referred the success of her business enrolment in the program to the professional approach and follow-up, the detailed support, precise information delivery, prompt response to their inquiries, and the consistently methodical expert input. 

The pitching competition took place over two days, two rooms running in parallel with the following jury members Zakie Karam, business consultant; Rabee Fares, business consultant; Soha Nasser: Agri-food specialist at Berytech; Adam Sleiman: Program manager at Berytech; Salam Jabakhanji: Program manager at Mercy Corps; and Dana El Ghoul: SMEs coordinator at Mercy Corps. 

“It is a great honor to be among the judges at the pitching event for the BASATINE project. I witnessed serious, competent, passionate entrepreneurs pitching their success stories that combine successful proven business models with efficient, high-performance teams in a ‘responsible’ way. Their professional pitching skills showed their deep understanding of their businesses which speak to the local and regional market demands while empowering local farmers. Berytech’  BASATINE’ team’s professionalism, dedication, and passion for practicing Berytech’s noble values drove the success of this event.”

Rabee Fares, business consultant and judge

The type of businesses that succeeded in winning were food processors, packing houses, logistics companies, agri-tourism entities, and marketing companies. They share a sustainable model with the possibility to maintain and hire new employees, directly impacting the farmers in Akkar and the Bekaa and contributing enormously to the community around them.

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Mohamad Mortada

Mohammad Mortada is a multidisciplinary marketer with high-level strategy and hands-on execution expertise. Besides marketing, he enjoys designing brands and building websites for customers across the MENA region.

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