Social Media for Startups: Tips and Tricks

Social Media for Startups: Tips and Tricks

As the world is becoming more reliant on social media, startups need social media more than ever to start and grow. Although it might be difficult for you as an entrepreneur working 24/7 on scaling your startup to maintain a consistent virtual presence for your business, the value of giving attention, effort, and time to your company’s social presence is undeniable.

Over 1.7 million pieces of content, 66K photos shared by users, and 500 hours watched on YouTube, every minute. The latest report, ‘Data Never Sleeps‘ is massive and the numbers are astounding. This data alone should get you going to develop your strategy, set your goals, and begin optimizing your company’s social media presence.

In this article, we will discuss the most effective ways to get started on social media with less investment and more creative and strategic thinking, by utilizing free and organic tools provided by various major social media platforms.

Launch Your Startup’s Online Presence Today

Knowing where to begin and how to begin is the key to success when creating your startup’s online presence from scratch. There are millions of social media networks available, but you should concentrate on those that are relevant to your business and sector, will aid your growth, or will boost your ROIs – Return on Investment – and keep in mind that time is an investment.

You should consider where your target customers might be by researching where they might look for your product, brand, or idea. People obviously use the internet to find what they need, so if you provide a service, would it be advantageous to build a YouTube channel? Have a Twitter account? or simply a Facebook page?

These questions are important, especially in the beginning when you will be relying on the 3Fs (Friends, Family, Fools), so where do your friends spend most of their time? Which social media platform does your family often use? Answering these questions may provide you with free marketing because these folks will be the first to share your success.

Create your Startup’s Social Channels

My advice is to use the same handles across all media, make it easy to remember, and even if your startup name is extremely complex, it is okay to re-evaluate the name because no one knows you yet.

Begin with the major platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, set the page name and account handle, and begin by inviting your family and friends to like and follow your page.

Develop Your Branding Online & Offline

It is critical to invest time in developing your visual branding; you do not need to hire a graphic designer or spend a lot of money; simply be simple; simplicity is crucial to continuity.

Generate a logo to use as a profile picture across channels. You can use Canva, an incredible tool that allows you to create all the graphics you need in all sizes for all major social media applications by using free pre-set designs.

Build Authentic Consistent Content

After you’ve completed your profile and bio, make your first post and present your idea, whether on Instagram with a short, uncomplicated caption or on Facebook with a more extensive one.

The following are the keys to making good content:

  • Be Genuine: Don’t sell something you can’t afford to offer, regardless if it’s a brand or a service; consumers want to interact with genuine content. Detailed photographs will not help, and technical and intricate sentences will not pique someone’s interest; keep it simple.
  • Schedule your material: Use free tools to schedule your content, such as Facebook’s creator studio. This will assist you in creating material for multiple platforms ahead of time.
  • Engage with your audience: Remember, people prefer to engage with businesses that make them feel authentic, as if they are speaking with a real person rather than an instant response message or a robot.
  • Use AI platforms to generate captions: If you are not a native language speaker, there are hundreds of free internet tools that can assist you in making your captions look more professional and appealing. Use Grammarly to check your grammar mistakes, it’s free and will help you a lot.
  • Call to Action (CTA): encourage visitors to perform an action, such as clicking on a link, swiping for additional visuals, or visiting your website. You should always trigger your followers to what is hidden.

Keep Social Trends In Check

Since social media platforms are constantly evolving and improving, you should be keen to stay on top of every trend.

Keeping up with trends can lead to viral posts, regardless of your follower numbers. Creating trendy, creative, and genuine REELs on Instagram for example can provide you with the necessary exposure, with the help of the platform’s algorithms.

Catch Your Audience at the Best Time

Approximately every platform’s algorithm promotes recency, it is critical to publish when your followers are online. This means that assuming everything else is equal, a recent post will appear higher in the newsfeed than an older one.

Hootsuite recently shared The Best Time to Post on Instagram in 2022, after analyzing over 30,000 Instagram posts from businesses of all sizes to find the absolute best times to post.

Source: Hootsuite

Finally, setting up your startup’s social presence for success gives your time to focus on what’s important, working on developing your solution, building your customer database, pitching to investors and scaling your startup. Having a strong online presence will help you flow through your startup’s journey.

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Abed Rahman Sayed

Abed Rahman Sayed joined Berytech in February 2022 as the Community Engagement Coordinator. Abed is a certified digital marketer from Google and HubSpot Academy, he handles the social media platforms of Berytech, helps in the Communications and Outreach department activities, and internal programs within the Department.

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