Take a closer look at BESTMEDGRAPE partners: ‘Jordan Society for Scientific Research, Entrepreneurship and Creativity’ team

BESTMEDGRAPE is coordinated by the University of Cagliari. The Project Partner 7 is the Jordan Society for Scientific Research, Entrepreneurship and Creativity. 

Sabah Saifan is the project coordinator; she manages, coordinates and supervises the PP7 project activities, meetings, resources and information. The coordinator is supported by the Administrative manager Rida Shibli.

The Communication Manager Deema Mismar is in charge of the creation and dissemination of multimedia communications and activities aimed at engaging the stakeholders, while the Financial Manager Faisal Shibli manages the financial resources of the PP7.

The Scientific Technical team is coordinated by Leena Alhassan, who is in charge of the research and scientific activities of the project with the support and collaboration of Sabah Saifan.

As for business creation, it will be coordinated by Nabeel Mismar, by promoting the culture of entrepreneurship and interdisciplinarity and the development of innovative business projects. JSSREC team will take care of the selection of 30 potential Jordanian entrepreneurs and will support them by organizing and delivering the Business Creation in order to integrate managerial and scientific knowledge, to develop problem solving and management skills and to exploit market opportunities.

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