Telecom opportunities and future outlook

Posted on October 24, 2017

Berytech joins in the conversation at Business Opportunities in Lebanon Conference


Telecom opportunities and future outlook


Berytech’s President and CEO Maroun Chammas recently participated in the Telecom opportunities and future outlook panel during the Business Opportunities in Lebanon Conference and Exhibition organized by Info Pro Management, publishers of Lebanon Opportunities on October 11, 2017.


The Tech panel covered how the development and availability of new telecom infrastructure has opened doors for investors, developers, and business decision-makers. The panel also explored where the opportunities lie, and the outlook in the short and medium term.


Moderated by Gabriel Deek from ISOC Lebanon, panelists included Imad Abou Rached from Ogero, Nabil Bukhalid from ISOC Lebanon, Labib Chalak from Mobinets, and Berytech’s Maroun Chammas.


Telecom opportunities and future outlook - Maroun ChammasThe panelists were divided on the overall state of the internet in Lebanon. Chammas commented that the last 10-15 years had seen no investment in infrastructure, which lead to the current state of the Internet in the country. He added that the state of the 4G was acceptable but that the home internet was not. “The reason is two-folds,” explained Chammas, “on the one hand the mobile operators who had the opportunity to invest and improve on the infrastructure did not, and on the other hand for households and businesses, the technology used has not advanced from DSL since 2008.”


Chammas was quick to announce that this is now improving. “There has been a drastic change in the mindset at the Ministry of Telecommunications in Lebanon, and this is now being translated on the ground in a very positive way.”


Watch the entire panel session below.