Ten Tips on Technical Project Management

The best project managers are not the ones who fix issues, but those who avoid them entirely

Berytech held a workshop session on technical project management with Marwan Mansour, Project Manager at VIP Rescue – Information Technology and Services providers in Lebanon.

During the workshop, Marwan introduced technical project management by explaining the fundamentals like initiation, planning, execution, control and closure. He also talked about management for integration, scope, time, cost, quality, HR, communication, risk, procurement and resource engagement.

Here are Marwan’s top 10 tips on Technical Project Management.

Minimize the uncertainty

Manage the output to be more accurate and exact with many estimates related to financials and other for time.

Improving management skills

Extra empowerment to the managers who are targeting to enrich their experience with more managerial skills for reporting and managing big projects at a certain level.

Work simultaneously on multiple tasks

Use the reports in a way that will guide you to control and manage up to 10 to 50 projects at the same time without extra effort.

Use tools and techniques for project success

It is very important to choose the right tool or know-how to use the tool to execute the output and display the results.

Faster achievements

By making everything clear with consolidating info and results, it will be very easy to get the decisions and work faster than spending a lot of time doing things in slow motion.

Organizing the work by right scheduling assessment

With experience you will get the knowledge on how to drill down or structure the right breakdown for scheduling each task and map it to its right time for accomplishment with the resource’s allocation.

Quality is high with performance

Auditing and testing the work by doing many simulations to make sure quality and customer need is up to expectations, this will produce and generate a customer happiness and satisfaction feedback.

Risk assessment and contingency plans

The best project managers are not the ones who will find issues and fix them, but the best are the ones who will achieve avoidance and make them vanish during the project period.

Communication methods

Communication channels and tools on how to communicate and deal with customers and internal users, missing communication could lead to failure and missing gathering info that will cause failure in projects.

Resource engagement and impact

To choose the right team to be involved in the project, or else hire extra resources who are needed to do and achieve the project.

Use right training at the right time

To target one training when it’s needed for improving the skills or knowledge to the team while and during the project duration. This will help to avoid lacking details that will cause to gaps in results.

About the author

Marwan Mansour

Marwan Mansour is a Senior Project Manager, almost 16 years of international experience in the Middle East region, Gulf, Europe and Africa. Efficient and crucial steering committee member roles in transforming company’s business analysis and requirements into automated successfully systems. Integration’s proficiency of multi programs in sectors of telecom, banking, IT and governmental institutions. Communication professional in setting methods to help large organizations to be engaged in commissioning goals achievements. Reporting expertise and advanced skills in combining multi sources of data gathered by designing these reports in single point of interpretation graphical route. Marwan holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from C & E American University, Progressive Executive MBA, and Executive Education short program from HEC Paris.

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