Test Your MVP Workshop: Minimize Spending & Optimize Value

‘Test your MVP’ is a highly interactive, 2-day workshop offered at Berytech Digital Park on 24 – 25 November 2015 by Lean Agile Coaches Pierre Neis and Pierre Hervouet.

Presented in Beirut for the very first time, the workshop covered the Lean Startup methodology: a scientific approach to creating and managing startups, and getting a desired product to customers’ hands faster.

The workshop dives deep into the strategy, mindset and tools necessary for entrepreneurs to validate their ideas and projects by minimizing spending and optimizing product value.

A core component of the Lean Startup methodology that participating entrepreneurs learned is the build-measure-learn feedback loop:

The first step is figuring out the problem that needs to be solved and then developing a minimum viable product (MVP) to begin the process of learning as quickly as possible.

The Lean Startup methodology has as a premise that every startup is a grand experiment that attempts to answer a question. The question is not “Can this product be built?” Instead, the questions are “Should this product be built?” and “Can we build a sustainable business around this set of products and services?” This experiment is more than just theoretical inquiry; it is a first product. If it is successful, it allows a manager to get started with his or her campaign: enlisting early adopters, adding employees to each further experiment or iteration, and eventually starting to build a product. By the time that product is ready to be distributed widely, it will already have established customers. It will have solved real problems and offer detailed specifications for what needs to be built.

Once the MVP is established, a startup can work on tuning the engine. This will involve measurement and learning and must include actionable metrics that can demonstrate cause and effect question.

Berytech has partnered with Upward Consulting to offer workshops addressing the challenges of the knowledge sector companies.


About the trainers:

Pierre E. Neis is a Senior Lean Agile Coach that has lead 20+ organisations transformations in the past 10 years; He has a Master II, Innovation’s Marketing & Project Management, He is Certified Scrum Master, Certified Scrum Professional. He is the co-organizer of the Lean Kanban France, #play14, Agile4HR program.

Pierre Hervouet is a consultant with an extensive experience of over 25 years in management and IT. He is the founder of the NGO Agile Lebanon as well as a regular speaker in project management. Besides his Masters in management from Paris Sorbonne, he is certified in Agile Methodologies (PMI-ACP, Certified Scrum Master, Certified Scrum Professional…), Innovation Games(r) and Management 3.0 facilitator.


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Feedback from workshop attendees:

“It was a great learning experience being one of the youngest participants during the workshop. I got the chance to meet experts and people from different companies. Some concepts will remain forever in my mind and I will definitely use them in my entrepreneurship journey.”

“Nice workshop! Was worth taking 2 days off! Having access to experts during 2 days is the best part of it! They helped me with much more than what was include in the program to be covered just by answering to my questions! Thanks Berytech for organizing it!”

“A very much needed knowledge for new businesses. MVP training was interactive and filled with real life examples. The trainers successfully brought their own experience to complement the theory. Well organized by Berytech team. Thank you.”


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