The Entrepreneurial Why: 10 things that define our life and career

Entrepreneurial Why
The more flexible you are with improving your life, the more you are likely to be the difference that makes a difference in this world.

Entrepreneurial Why

Learning how to identify what drives your behavior and the behaviors of others, can be applied to create a purpose-driven startup. Here is an article on the Entrepreneurial Why and the 10 things that define our lives and careers by Master Coach and Trainer Rony Matar.

1. Environment

Where and who we choose to spend our time around. This covers so many aspects that we do not control when we are born, but as we grow, we have more and more choice to change either our environment or how we perceive it.


2. Behaviors

What we choose to do as an activity in the environments we spend most of our time in. The actions we choose to take every day define how we evolve and grow. Most of us though do the same things and expect different results and that is related to some of the points below.


3. Skills & Capabilities

The things we know how to do. This is a measurement tool that we either have internally or base externally on how good we are at doing specific things. What stops some people growing is limiting themselves to a specific set of skills and capabilities that might serve them in some contexts but limits them in many others.


4. Beliefs

These are the reasons that we give ourselves about why we can or cannot do something. The beliefs that motivate us are empowering beliefs and those that stop us are called limiting beliefs, both are rooted in a positive intention in our unconscious mind.


5. Values

The main drivers of our behavior, they are what motivate us, and they trigger most of our positive and negative emotions. Whatever you do in your life, whatever you believe, think you know how to do, act, or where you choose to be, all have their basis in your values. Do you know how to identify them?


6. Identity

The role we feel we should play in our life. This is the sum of all your values that creates the basis for who you are at a certain moment in your life.


7. Purpose

What I am creating in this world that makes a difference. This is centered upon the question “What am I doing all of this for?”


8. Internal Representation

The way we connect with pictures, sounds and feelings internally that create our internal world. This is a product of filtering, whatever goes into your mind after going through all the above-mentioned filters (see points 1 through 8).


9. Words

The meaning we give to words describes our world and triggers our internal representation. This is the internal dictionary that helps us make sense of the world. As humans, we label what we understand, what we don’t we have no words for.


10. Flexibility

The more flexible you are with modifying the above to improve your life, the more you are likely to be the difference that makes a difference in this world.


Roni MatarAbout the Author

Roni Matar is a Master Coach & Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), with a background experience in Sales, Operations Management, and Training. Roni works with individuals, NGOs and corporates to help them achieve their vision and purpose through coaching and training on different aspects that include Sales, Negotiation, Goal Setting, Communication, and State management. Roni is also the Co-Founder of Neopreneur, a coworking space in Byblos that supports and develops startups from the idea phase to the development and growth phase.

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