The Sitting Ducks Workshop: Learn Expert Negotiation Skills


Samir Zehil is the founder & owner of Wydner in Lebanon, Sweden & the USA. He is specialized in coaching & negotiations from Harvard University and has motivated live 56700 people to date.

In his training the ‘Sitting Ducks’, which literally means ‘easy target’, Samir promises to deliver an understanding of commercial day-to-day negotiations with a few practical negotiation gimmicks – that will make you a NOT so easy target.

On Monday, November 30, 2015, Mr. Zehil delivered his workshop at Berytech IN his usual high energy and good humor offering the audience a hundred tips, tricks and advice that he promises are life changers. The opening of his workshop was a straight to the point life advice: If you don’t ask the answer is always ‘No’ – pointing out at how you might be surprised by an answer to a question you never dared to ask.

The take-aways of the ‘Sitting Ducks’ is a set of golden rules that according to Mr. Zehil will turn into a second nature once practiced for 21 days. Here are a few:

‘Never say YES for the first offer but rather take the time to think about it and come back with an answer’

‘Always ask for a concession in return for whenever you give a concession in a negotiation.’

‘Don’t be afraid to use the word ‘No’, say it politely but firmly whenever you need to.’

‘Never give a discount unless you are asked to!’

‘Respond to a proposal or a counter proposal “You will have to do better than that!”

Berytech has partnered with Wydner Coaches to offer workshops on several topics related to sales, negotiation & personal growth programs throughout the coming year.

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Feedback from workshop attendees:

“Samir Zehil is a fun guy to learn from.”


“It was a good and entertaining talk, I had the impression that Mr. Zehil is very knowledgeable in this field although things tend to get a bit muddy in industry-related cases.”

“The session was very interesting especially that the instructor is of a very high Knowledge of the material he is talking about and the examples are a very good way (or the only way as Mr Zehil explained) to help understand smoothly the topics. Thank you Mr Zehil. And thank you Berytech for organizing this workshop.”

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