Berytech’s Ultimate Gift Guide for Christmas 2018

Shop local and support Lebanese entrepreneurs!

We might be too old to believe in Santa, but we do believe in the extremely innovative entrepreneurs in our community! This is why we dug into our lists (we too make lists!) of supported startups, portfolio companies, and Berytech alumni to round up some cool gift ideas for you. We could have included all our entrepreneurs, but trust us, you wouldn’t want to gift your grandmother cloud-based hosting services for Christmas!

Gift Ideas: here’s what we suggest

For the foodie friend, the always-sick uncle, the Pooh bear in your life: Honey. A dozen flavors of honey from L’Atelier du Miel, a startup that makes guess what? Everything, honey.

For the connoisseur, the explorer, the one with the delicate palate: 350+ wines from every single winery in Lebanon, including ones you never knew existed, delivered to your door from 209 Lebanese Wine.



For the aspiring guitarist, the next Elvis Presley, the family’s grand musician: An automatic guitar tuner, the world’s ONLY automatic guitar tuner, the Roadie Tuner.

For your elegant mother, the beautiful woman in your life, or for you (the only beautiful woman in your life): Exquisitely coutured garments from Karoline Lang.

For the patriotic, the nostalgic, the expatriated brother: Koullouna makes curated boxes with everything you love about Lebanon and they deliver internationally.



For your trendy aunt, the friend who has everything, your interior designer sister: We’re suggesting Bokja‘s unique wearables or cushions. Unless you’re really feeling it and you want to head straight for the furniture.

For the hard-core techie, the hard-to-please boss, the easy-to-please sibling: The VR kit – both the starter and the pro are under $100.

For kids over 8, kids over 18, kids over 68. Basically, any kid who likes to build: Bildits, the miniature realistic construction kit, to build the house of their dreams.



For the gourmand foreigner, the one who loves Lebanese food, the one who’s traveling home for Christmas: the whole product range of Smart Gourmet, the best of Lebanese cuisine, healthy, vacuum-packed and airplane-friendly.

For the kids who always lose their Tupperwares, the pre-schoolers who always come home with a shoe missing, and the mom who falls apart over that missing shoe: Essmak make really cool customized labels for everything, including customized bed sheets.


One more thing!

You can get your kids to the Berytech Fab Lab over the Christmas break to make their own toys. They will have to be accompanied by an adult, and you will be so excited that this adult is you because: 3D printing machines, CNC machines, and a bunch of other laser stuff. Need we say more?!

We made the list, we checked it twice, and we decided everyone was nice! So Happy Gifting and Happy Holidays from Berytech!

Picture of Josette Noujaim

Josette Noujaim

Josette is a multi-passionate creative who has been supporting Berytech’s communication team since 2015. She uses her experience in digital communication to help shape the online presence of companies across different industries.

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