What’s cooking on the roof of Berytech Mathaf?

The Greenpeace team, who are part of the Berytech community, have been testing some energy-saving, environmental hacks right over our heads on the roof of Berytech Mathaf. Here are the motives and the results of their experiment:

Summer is here.  A simple and fun way to enjoy the sunny days ahead of us is to use the sun’s energy to heat up a tasty treat with a very simple “Do it yourself” solar cooker ! 

After all, solar energy has been used for cooking since at least the 1700’s when Horase de Saussure, a Swiss naturalist, made a compact version of a solar box cooker. If he could do it with the technology they had back then, then so can you.


Go on your rooftop, open your terrace, move in your garden or in any place that is full of sunshine to build a simple and affordable solar cooker that will use the power of the sun to slow-cook meat, chicken, rice, pasta, beans and more.


The material you need is very simple and easy to find  :

– 1 tire

– cardboard

– discarded newspaper

– aluminum foil

– tape

– 1 glass sheet

– 1 black pot


Take the tire and place it on the cardboard which will serve as a flat basis

Fill the tire with discarded newspaper in order to insulate the heat.

Cover the newspaper with aluminum foil at the center and all around the tire.

Use some tape to stick the aluminum to the tire

Place the black pot inside the tire

Cover the tire with a glass sheet


Leave the food to cook for several hours or until done. Best timing is between 10 AM and 2 PM as temperature can reach as much as 120 C. There is no need to stir the food while it is cooking.

Remove the pot after a few hours and enjoy your meal.


Happy solar cooking!





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