LIRA Award Winners Receive Berytech Incubation Prize

Three technology projects receive the 18-month incubation and business support prize from Berytech

The 13th Industrial Technology and Innovation Forum, organized by the Lebanese Industrial Research Achievement Program (LIRA), concluded its work with the announcement of the 30 winners who received trophy, cash and incubation awards on their projects. 


Projects spanned in nine areas of specialization in the fields of science and engineering set forward by the management of the program: IoT, smart industrial robotics, alternatives for people with special needs, telecom, 3D Printing, medical systems, self-scanning aircraft, control systems, automated medical laboratories, etc.


The three winning projects are:

  1. Green valorization of industrial by-products: bioenergy production from grape pomace by Dr. Jean el Achkar.
  2. A smart irrigation system by Engineers Elio Faddoul, Ryan Ghoche, Georges Hanna, Yara Chaaban and Joseph Taouk.
  3. Design and Control of an inverter for Grid Connection by Eng. Abbas Assaf.


Berytech will be offering an incubation and business support prize to all three projects for 18 months with an adapted support program including: hosting, logistics, coaching, mentoring, access to training and workshops, support in funding and networking.



About the LIRA Program

LIRA brings together academic and industrial expertise, providing an opportunity for industry and academia, both public and private, to meet and exchange their research findings. The first Conference and Exhibition in 1997 showcased applied research output that had been accomplished in a collaborative effort between industry, academia and vocational schools. Ever since, the projects and products exhibited annually are subjected to rigorous scientific evaluation, where excellence in applied research is rewarded.In 2016, LIRA initiated a fund for further supporting the costs of industrially oriented projects undertaken by academics. This encouraged technological innovation for the purpose of upgrading production processes,creating jobs compatible with the ambitions and capabilities of graduates, and incubating new ideas that may be turned into start-up businesses, many of which are directly sponsored by industrialistsLIRA’s annual conference & exhibition showcases the contribution to the creation of new production lines in several factories and even to the launch of new technical firms as well as to improved university engineering and science course offerings.

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