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The current lockdown could be a blessing in disguise, a time to learn, think re-strategize, pivot and even grow your company

As the threat of the Corona virus continues to impose restrictions around the world, entrepreneurs worldwide are being tested for their resilience, innovative thinking and strategic skills.

Meanwhile, Lebanese entrepreneurs are burdened with what seems like impossible challenges. Yet, the current lockdown could be a blessing in disguise, a time to learn, think re-strategize, pivot and even grow your company.

For that, we’ve rounded up the 12 different workshops that took place during our virtual Euro-Med Scale-up Innovation Day, organized by Berytech under the EU-funded THE NEXT SOCIETY initiative, designed specifically to connect entrepreneurs to knowledge, networks and resources from around the Mediterranean to help them plan their growth through COVID-19 and beyond it.

We invite you to browse through for the topic that sparks your interest, or better yet go through all of them for more exposure to new and different perspectives.

Accessing International Funding and Attracting Investors

Vitaly Polekhin, President, International Investor Organization INVESTORO

The workshop highlights the steps and best practices to secure funding and attract investment from angel investors or VCs in times of crisis while focusing on the changes in the investment landscape and what investors are looking for in a startup.


IP Tactics for Growth and International Markets

Mohammed Al-Jafari, Director, Intellectual Property Commercialization Office at iPARK Royal Scientific Society

Although intellectual property might not feature so prominently in the business strategies of startups, it is often a determinant factor in whether or not a venture succeeds in securing capital investments. This is due to the intrinsic nature of intellectual property in supporting risk management and in defining where the added value of a company lies. This workshop addresses how intellectual property can be effectively integrated into business strategy as businesses expand and attract capital.


10 Simple Steps to Survive the Crisis & Thrive to Access International Markets

Constantin Salameh, Senior Investment & Board Advisor at Berytech 

The Crisis Management workshop covers ten simple recommendations and best practices used by MSMEs across emerging economies during times of crisis. It highlights how these best practices are being implemented with one scale-up company.


Creating an International Mindset for Your Startup to Grow

David Magboule, Founder and CEO Lab to Market

The workshop gives you tools for successful growth as your startup explores international markets from including Multilingual and Multi-cultural environments to embracing an ‘explorer’-like strategy and internal culture.

How To Build Your Online Store In 72 Hours

Mohamed Nabil Kash, Senior Innovation Consultant at Innovety

Whether you’re starting your e-commerce business from scratch or transforming your offline business into and online one, there are steps to consider helping you reach your product/market fit and then grow your business. This workshop discusses how to kickstart your online store in 72 hours and the tools which help you during the validation phase. The workshop also covers some insights to consider when choosing your logistics and operations model and deciding on what technology to start with.


Build A Business Model Integrating Gender Equality

Karyl Akilian Momjian, Director, Marketing and Business Development at Financial Alliance for Women & Rachel Freeman, Chief Growth Officer at Tyme

The workshop calls on championing a gender intelligent fintech sector that explores not only equality but also the changing game of profiting from the multi-trillion-dollar female economy.

Scaling Your Impact Ventures in Uncertain Times

Nadine Asmar, Managing Director at Nadal  

Impact ventures are struggling to survive and to stay aligned with their main vision with all the uncertainty they are going through. The workshop provides a clear definition on what an impact venture is and the changes facing it. Nadine proposes a few steps to scale your impact venture, taking into account the strategic, organizational and behavioral required shifts. She shares international best practices to learn from and get inspired.

Readiness to Raise Funds While Scaling

BY Rami Alame, CEO of Lexyom 

The workshop takes you through the process of preparing for Series A investment when building international partnerships or joint ventures.

How to Build a Green Business Model with the Switchers Program

Giorgio Mosangini, Team Leader Green Entrepreneurship & Civil Society at Sustainable Consumption and Production Regional Activity Center (SCP/RAC)

This workshop defines key green concepts such as sustainable business or eco-innovation for environmental businesses. You get an overview of the Green Business Model training and understand how entrepreneurs and business support organizations can benefit from the tools offered by the Switchers Support Programme, including green business plan and eco-design tools, networking opportunities, access to market and access to finance services.

Cyber Security Considerations for International Expansion

Tony Feghali, CEO of P.O.Tech

The workshop explores key cyber-security measures you need to know to protect your business on a global digital scale.

Get in The Big League with Small Budget: From Investors to Exit

Cyrille Najjar, CEO and CTO of Sensio Air Inc.

The workshop goes over the simple and time-tested strategies to establish your company with leverage and value in order to attract the right investor all the way to exit.

Diversity and Collaborative Inclusion for Better Communication

Cecilia Wessinger, Founder of Mass Collaboration

The workshop explores the mindset, framework and actionable steps to spark and ignite dynamics for better communication and coordination.

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