Zoom In: Atayeb El Jabal, E-commerce Market for Mouneh

Posted on November 9, 2018

What They Do:

Atayeb al Jabal is an e-commerce market and online community that sells seasonal mouneh & traditional catered dishes globally. All of the products are ethically & exclusively sourced from rural women and farmers. These efforts are preserving and honoring the diversity and cultural heritage of different food products from unique rural regions. Atayeb al Jabal aims to create social and economic development to improve the everyday lives of rural people and to provide them with a bridge to a global marketplace.

Their Startup Experience:

“We applied to the Agrytech Accelerator because we recognized the value that a specialized accelerator could bring to our social impact, agri-food concept. Our goal was to combine innovative ideas with a traditional approach. That’s why Atayeb al Jabal hopes to reimagine packaged food by empowering the women and farmers of our rural communities to market their traditional home-made recipes to the world.

Our biggest takeaway from the Bootcamp phase was the importance of creating and sharing a big vision with the team. As well as, weaving that vision into the everyday activities, plans, and tasks of the business. Bootcamp also shed light on key technical aspects of the business like the challenges that we might face during the platform development phase. We were able to build a solid pitch that articulates our problem, value proposition, and competitive advantage clearly for potential investors.

In the upcoming phase, we’re ready for a soft launch to begin testing with direct user data. We will be testing platform design, product offerings, and pricing. We will also be consulting with experts to develop a digital marketing plan that will generate leads for the soft launch and the official launch. We have been dedicated to our vision offline and the success metrics show it. It’s time to grow this vision online and to share it with the world. Our persistence and commitment is key to our journey and we are energized by what the next phase has to offer.”

Team members are Haitham Saab and Mazen Bou Hamdan.

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