Zoom In: Cubex, Waste Treatment System

What They Do:

CubeX is a home-scale wastewater and solid waste treatment system that allows households to process all of their organic waste on-site effortlessly, eliminating the need for septic tank servicing. What makes the CubeX unique is that it allows users to recover resources from their waste such as energy, fertilizer and process water.

Their Startup Experience:

“We applied to the Agrytech Accelerator because we knew that they will provide us with the indispensable support necessary to take our project’s hypothetical idea into a tangible, concrete product that will eventually grow into a successful business.

The bootcamp enlightened us on the significance of simplifying the mechanism of our product to our market as this would make it easier for them to grasp its idea, hence its importance; especially considering the shortage in resources that we are encountering nowadays. In addition to that, we also acquired the importance of setting realistic milestones, describing in details the implementation of every part of our product to eventually reach a complete and fully functional one. At last, we scrutinized our optimal target market thus allowing us to have a strong and clearer vision of the feasible and realistic selling mechanisms.

After successfully accomplishing phase 1, we are now focused on meticulously working on every compartment of the CubeX ensuring that it is assembled together and working flawlessly, providing the expected outcomes. Additionally, we are also eager to identify multinational partners, allowing us to nurture our business more.

Fortunately, we have secured a development agency (VNGI) who believed in us and purchased two CubeX units to install in refugee camps in the Bekaa area. Consequently, our major focus right now is to ensure a meticulous assemblage and construction of the two units and having them run effortlessly by the end of the year 2018.

The core of our success moving to phase 2 is the innovative idea we have put our foot on to place in action, our hard and smart work, commitment and of course our team spirit without which all this wouldn’t have come into place without it. Each team member is a crucial element for the success of the CubeX.

We have a strong belief that CubeX will help solve one of the major problems of rural areas: organic and solid waste management in the most sustainable and effortless way possible. Not only is it providing citizens with a smart solution for their waste management, but it is also providing them back with useful resources of which some are running short with time (i.e. water and energy).”

Team members are Tommy Waked, Marc Aoun and Lara Gemayel.

Connect With Them:

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