Zoom In: Lebanon Waste Management, Trash For Cash

We had reached a point when it was critical for us to further validate our idea, obtain commercial support, exposure, and access to clients and potential investors.

What They Do: 

Lebanon Waste Management is a startup that is working on solving the problem of waste mismanagement in Lebanon. Nearly every day, waste is disposed of in landfills, causing pollution, the transmission of diseases, and worsening the economic downturn.  

Lebanon Waste Management shreds, compacts, crushes, and sorts dry solid waste before selling it to local manufacturers as raw materials. By providing alternatives for imported raw materials, the startup adds value to solid waste.  

They aim to cover Lebanon with as many of their facilities as possible, in order to handle bigger quantities of waste and be able to sell and export them.  

Startup Experience: 

“When we applied to the Cleanergy Accelerator program, our goal was to establish a solid foundation for our business.  

Our success, we believe, is based on our intense passion for what we do. That explains why, in contrast to someone who is not passionate about their job, we devote our full attention and time. Furthermore, we are confident that our CEO Pierre Baaklini’s experience, expertise, and risk-taking personality is playing a significant role to ensure our success.  

So far, we have launched our MVP and have been profitable for our first three months of operation. 

‘Drive Throw’ is our most recent project, in which you can trade your trash for money. ‘Drive Throw’ is currently our most notable achievement, and we are working to expand it to other governates across the country since we believe that decentralizing Drive Throw will be more beneficial for the business model. 

Furthermore, we raise awareness while encouraging people to reduce waste and recycle, for one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. This will help us fulfill our mission of saving the environment, creating job opportunities, providing extra income for people, boosting the economy, and creating investment opportunities through our franchise option.  

Unfortunately, since Lebanon is assailed by crises this is imposing additional challenges for us such as difficulty setting and distributing wages because many of our employees are foreigners.  

However, we strongly believe that nothing worth having comes easily, which is why we are fighting to keep the team going. Fortunately, we are on the right track because we have met with experts and consultants and had numerous meetings with Berytech.  

In a nutshell, we have begun to lay a solid foundation and our next steps moving forward entail opening multiple ‘Drive Throw’ points of sale.” 

About The Cleanergy Accelerator Program 

Berytech is catalyzing cleantech innovations through a yearly three-phase program that allows cleantech entrepreneurs to grow their startup from an idea into a scalable business. With funding and support from the Kingdom of The Netherlands, Berytech designed and developed the Cleanergy Program to make sure Lebanon has the most competitive companies innovating in clean technology. Learn more about the  Cleanergy Program. 

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Picture of Rhea Gharios

Rhea Gharios

Rhea Gharios joined Berytech as a trainee in the Communications and Outreach department in June 2022. She is a current student at the American University of Beirut graduating with a Bachelor's in Business Administration, specialized in marketing in 2023.

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