Mezz’Mix aims to revolutionize the Lebanese garlic experience

Mezzmix team

Eight startups have reached the final phase of the Agrytech Accelerator Batch 3. Berytech reached out to hear from the founders themselves about their journey in the program so far.

Mezz’Mix aims to revolutionize the Lebanese garlic experience by introducing the Mezz’Mix garlic dip in a squeezable bottle with a 1-year shelf-life, that can be stored outside the fridge; produced 100% without mayo or eggs. It comes in a practical hygienic package, which allows it to be used multiple times. It can be stored at home and enjoyed anytime with any meal. Mezz’Mix Lebanese garlic dip comes in different flavors and is gentle on stomach.

According to co-founder Nemer Mansour, “We applied to Berytech’s Agrytech Program because we were looking for a growth-oriented environment to support us in testing our idea and making it a reality. Our primary goal was to go-to-market as fast as possible with a product that not only meets our ambitions but most importantly fits the needs of the consumers.

We have achieved so much since we started the program. First, we were able to collect the real needs of the consumers through the interviews we conducted in line with the design-thinking methodology. The insights we collected were very helpful in the development of our product. As a second achievement and the most important one, we were able to launch our product in the market a few months ago with the help of the Agrytech team and as per the roadmap that was set for us.

We believe that we are now investment-ready thanks to all the efforts that were put to organize and plan our business. When it comes to the success factors, we think they are mainly around the dedication we have received from the Berytech team, the rigor that has been expected from us, and definitely the healthy feedback-oriented environment that the Agrytech Program team was able to establish.

The economic crisis, the COVID-19 pandemic and the Beirut blast have definitely not been easy to cope with. The economic crisis has forced us to always work on optimizing procurement and cash flow management while finding the most accurate way to forecast our financials in these unstable times. The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us to work in an ever-changing environment where even weekly plans are subject to change. But this has also pushed us to change a bit our sales strategy and target online grocery platforms. The Beirut blast has been a hard emotional hit as we’ve seen clients and close relations suffer from it. The blast has pushed us to also adapt our geographical focus to such changes.

In a nutshell, we think these factors have strengthened, prepared us for any kind of change, and pushed us to keep working on ourselves even in the midst of any crisis.”

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Joey Ghanem

Joey Ghanem joined Berytech in 2018 and is currently the Communication and Outreach Manager. She has been supporting entrepreneurs and SMEs, focusing on growing community engagement through developing, managing and implementing several activities and projects.

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