ZOOM IN: NanoEbers, Highly Effective Hemostatic Sponges

The professional mentors and continuous support we received from the Innovation Factory critically helped us achieve several milestones to reach the market.

What They Do:  

Bleeding, especially if excessive, represents a major threat to human life during medical procedures and surgeries, different accidents, and wars.

NanoEbers is an Egyptian startup that has developed highly effective hemostatic sponges that have superior mechanical properties and can absorb up to 60 times their weight of blood and can stop bleeding instantly. Their performance exceeds that of imported hemostatic sponge while NanoEbers is producing the sponges at a low production cost due to lower local manufacturing and a patent-pending manufacturing process.

NanoEbers team of innovative researchers and engineers are working on a line of wound care products, including hemostatic sponges, that will secure our sustainable growth within the region and the international markets.

Startup Experience:

“We had different wound care products, including the hemostatic sponges, under development. We needed critical help to select a product with the highest marketing potential to develop a relevant business model and identify key steps to market. Joining the Innovation Factory Boot Camp helped us to focus our business model on the hemostatic sponges as the prototype with the highest marketing potential. It allowed us to set our primary business plan for the product, optimize our minimal viable product, and determine key steps to market. Following the initial camp, we had access to follow-up mentoring and pitching events which allowed us to receive valuable feedback and fine-tune our business model.

 Following the incubation phase, we filed a provisional patent application to protect technologies used for manufacturing hemostatic sponges with the USPTO. We have also signed a license agreement with the American University in Cairo to gain exclusive license of several patents to strengthen our IP portfolio in the field of wound care products. We have also developed key expertise from the Innovation Factory Incubation phase which enabled us to be selected by two highly prestigious regional accelerators and win critical financial awards. We have been selected to receive a soft landing package from Innovation Factory and will work with Factory 319 to secure a toll manufacturer of hemostatic sponges in Europe.

Needless to say that our key success factors are the amazing team of researchers and engineers who have sincerely engaged with our mission and vision, and the professional mentors and continuous support we received from Innovation Factory which has critically helped NanoEbers to achieve several milestones to market. 

We’ve been able to translate biomedical research innovations into low-cost but effective wound care products to save human lives in MENA, Africa, and globally. This will also contribute to harnessing state-of-the-art biomedical technologies in Egypt and supporting the ecosystem of high-tech industries.

We hope that the soft landing package currently in progress will enable us to connect with a toll manufacturer in Europe and facilitate our endeavor to obtain CE mark approval for our first product, the hemostatic sponges.”

The NanoEbers team is part of the Innovation Factory program allowing researchers and novel entrepreneurs to develop their innovation in any technology-based sector into commercially viable products and applications. The program, based on technology transfer, gives participants international exposure with access to local and global markets, B2B networks, and a pool of seasoned experts, mentors, and investors. 

It is funded by the European Union under THE NEXT SOCIETY project and is organized in Lebanon by Berytech and ANIMA, and in Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Palestine and Tunisia by THE NEXT SOCIETY national partners under the Tech Booster program.

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