Zoom In: Rigino, Data Traceability

What They Do:

RiginO is an end-to-end traceability platform enabling food producers and manufacturers to capture, log and track their data across the supply chain in order to expand market access, generate Business growth, improve brand image and company to regulations.

Their Startup Experience:

“We teamed up to realize this project and to move it from an idea to a concrete solution adaptable to the need of the manufacturers from one side and to the consumers who want to know about the origin and the specs of the food that they eat.

We applied to the Agrytech Accelerator because we were certain that they will provide us with the needed support and the right framework to move the project from a hypothetical idea into a tangible, concrete product that will eventually grow into a successful business.

The Bootcamp was a one-stop-shop for all what we need to think of and work on in an agile startup environment in order to refine and concretize our idea prior to implementation. The result was obvious in terms of determining the business concept for RiginO, strategically thinking of all the market dynamics and possible impact and determining the value proposition.

As we moved to Phase II of Agrytech program, we moved from an ideation phase to an acceleration phase. We developed all the aspects of the business through strategic thinking be it marketing and sales, pricing and resourcing along with financials.

The MVP development was a major contributor to the success of this phase. We approached manufacturers and secured Zejd Olive oil who believed in our project and showed readiness to engage in all the steps of the process and he is our first client to use the platform. Hence, we kicked off our MVP with Zejd starting with the analysis of his current supply chain. With the help of a UX expert, we then identified user personas, mapped their user journeys and developed the UX interfaces. Accordingly, a detailed functionality document was prepared and we kicked off the development of the solution resorting to outsourcing. Today, our major focus is to finalize the first model of RiginO based on the olive oil sector in Lebanon.

We also focused on shaping our framework of collaboration and we have signed few MOUs with potential profiles and organizations that can benefit our operation. We believe that the core of our success is the need for our solution in the countries of the region where regulations started to be enforced on food-based products for safety reasons such as UAE and Saudi.

So far, we outsourced the platform development. Moving forward, we expect to internalize the development and expand our team. As co-founders, we are committed to establish and run an agile company and to work smartly while maintaining transparency and integrity as the basis of our collaboration.

We strongly believe that RiginO, being the first traceability platform to be introduced in the region, will effectively contribute to driving food safety for a better being of the individual.”

The team consists of Sabah Corm and Lara El Khoury.

Connect With Them:

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