We believe in our solution and its benefits in the beekeeping sector.

Eight startups have reached the final phase of the Agrytech Accelerator Batch 3. Berytech reached out to hear from the founders themselves about their journey in the program so far.

Lacking information and depending on their flairs and intuitive prediction, the beekeepers in the MENA region are still using the same old techniques and practices to solve their challenges. By that, they are missing the opportunity for a better production, better quality and consequently better return on investment. TheBeeHaus offers technology for beekeepers to monitor apiaries, manage the business and optimize honey production. Their solution will help the beekeepers meet the modern challenges and adapt to the digital era. 

According to co-founders Nagi Abdel Nour and Yazid Boustani, “We applied to Berytech’s Agrytech Accelerator Program to help us transform our basic idea into a sustainable business model. All this by going through the market part, the technical part, the financial part and the go-to-market strategy.

Today, 9 months into the accelerator, we have finished our hardware and mobile app based on the interviewed beekeepers and their feedback. Our key success factor is that our solution is always focused on our clients’ needs, concerns and demands. Our greatest achievement is that we are still going forward with our startup despite all what is going around us in this country.

A lot of things happened during the last few months and we would be lying if we said that it didn’t affect us. The economic crisis with the Lebanese money devaluation has impact on the pricing of the solution where the income of the Lebanese beekeepers is in LBP and all the electronic components for hardware are priced in dollars.

The covid-19 had impact on our progress with some delays in the program and delays with the supplier’s deliverables, as well as some limitation on site meetings with beekeepers.

The Beirut blast had also an impact on our progress where survival priorities came first to understand and digest what happened in order to move forward.

We believe in our solution and its benefits in the beekeeping sector. Is it the right time to implement it despite all these unfortunate events? The answer is obviously NOT easy. That’s why we are always rethinking our business model and doing what is best for the beekeeper’s interests, the beekeeping industry and the consumers benefits.”

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Maria Chahine

Maria joined Berytech in May 2020 and is currently a Communication & Outreach Officer. She coordinates department activities, manages information, and facilitates internal operations within the Department of Communication and Outreach.

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