10 ways to treat your co-founder this Valentine’s day

Roses are red, violets are blue, I’d love to disrupt an industry with you!

As days turn into long nights at the office, your co-founder quickly starts to feel like your other half.

Calm down all the girlfriends, boyfriends, wives, and husbands; it doesn’t mean they don’t love you. But… when you’ve launched, nurtured and are growing a startup together, it feels less like a partnership and a lot more like a marriage and serious relationship – at least the business kind.

This is why your co-founder, your companion through the highs and lows, deserves some recognition this love month. You spend so much time together it would actually be rude not to get them a gift on Valentine’s day!

Here’s Berytech’s ultimate gift list for Valentine’s day, with a twist!

  1. Show some appreciation to the tech addict in them and book them tickets to the upcoming sessions of our tech series. You’ll know what we have in store once you check our article here
  2. Go old school and send flower bouquets to the office. No, not roses, a nice bouquet with colors! Better yet, buy the plants that you’ve been always wanting to buy to make the office a little greener. It’ll make everyone happy! 
  3. Food! You can never go wrong with food! How about a breakfast box full of love from Café des Fleurs? Or turn it into a late night snack if you’re overnighting on that new project.
  4. Organize a happy hour at the office on Valentine’s day and order your wine from 209lebanesewine.com, your beer and gin from Colonel Beer and your cider from Caesar Cider. Turn it into a weekly ritual, and your team will love you forever.  
  5. Update their skills with a workshop at the Berytech Fab Lab. We always have some interesting sessions lined up and the space is open for everyone who wants to make their own gifts! 
  6. Say it with chocolate, literally. Order a box from sayitwithchocolate.co and spell out your 2020 goals. We suggest ‘Loving The $5M Fund Baby.’ 
  7. Buy them a coffee making machine. The perks of this gift are that they’ll be making your coffee for at least a year. 
  8. Surprise them with a bigger and better office. Call our innovation park community managers in BDD1294 and Mathaf for info on our office spaces and offerings
  9. Send them cheesy love notes. Here’s what we have in mind: ‘Roses are red, violets are blue, I’d love to disrupt an industry with you!’, or ‘I’ll be your startup if you’ll be my angel investor’, or ‘You’re the apple of my EOi’. See what we did there?
  10. And of course, nothing beats giving people free rides to cut down on road rage! Careem offers packages. They’re a great gift to show you love them and the environment. 

From the Berytech team to yours… Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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