Berytech launches Tech Series 2020 Workshops

The Department is the first contact point for any entrepreneur seeking the business support services of Berytech

The Department of Business Support and Development at Berytech has launched workshops under the theme Tech Series 2020, aimed at helping companies cope with the rapid market changes in the era of fourth industrial revolution. 

Hosted at the Beirut Digital District (BDD), the Berytech Tech Series is organized in partnership with CME Offshore providers of customized tech solutions, and Beirut-based startup accelerator Speed.

The series will cover topics on how to manage and utilize efficiently a Tech Product, and  How to innovate to sustain market growth; how to manage product-related tech projects and deliver on time while exceeding expectation; and how to manage a team to maximize their productivity and loyalty. 

Product & Project Management Topics

The tech series will be covering Product & Project Management topics, highlighting the most recommended techniques and tools to guarantee outcome success. Four chapters are scheduled with their respective sessions.

Chapter 1: Product Initiation – Setup

Creating the product and defining the MVP features are critical to have a successful product launch, we have prepared four sessions to give an understanding about this chapter as follows:

  1. Session 1: Intro to Agility & JIRA Platform Usage
  2. Session 2: Tech Project management & the Role of Project Manager
  3. Session 3: Tech Product management & the Role of Product Manager
  4. Session 4: Workshop “Create a product roadmap & implement one of its projects”

Chapter 2: Product Implementation – Architecture

Iterating and implementing the product is one of the most time-consuming activities throughout the product lifetime. Before starting the implementation, it’s important to put all needed artifacts in place (i.e.; Tech blueprints, Team structure, Iteration time, Milestones) 

  1. Session 1: Business & Tech Hand-In-Hand
  2. Session 2: Product Architecture & Operations Management

Chapter 3: Product Testing – Continuous Integration

DOD – the definition of done, is an essential expression while delivering product features. Delivering quality usable product iterations is what matters. Eventually, products need to be delivered and used. So, during this session you will learn how to create milestones, define your usable MVP and deliver it with the best quality.

Chapter 4: Product Delivery – Continuous Deployment 

Multiple versions of your production App [Alpha/Beta/Gamma] are points that you need to look at and cater for while developing and delivering your product. Whether it is SAAS, local deployment, or cloud, you need to configure the right solution and deploy it quickly for your clients.

During this session, you will learn how to deploy the solution while providing the best support service and have a quick issue-fixing strategy. You will also get to know the Dev-Ops team and its role in an enterprise.

The Department of Business Support and Development is the first contact point for any entrepreneur seeking the business support services of Berytech. The team offers Mentoring, advisory, coaching and technical assistance; Regular training and capacity-building workshops; Work sessions and online coaching tools; and Access to local and international experts and information networks.

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