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Zoom In: GARBALISER, Converting Waste into Fertilizer

GARBALISER works on converting food waste into fertilizer through an anaerobic digester, working with municipalities to gather the organic waste from households and then convert them into fertilizer

Zoom In: GoParkly, Connect with Parking Spaces

GoParkly is a disruptive innovation in the parking industry that makes it possible for drivers to connect with available parking spaces.

Zoom In: Plastc Lab, Giving Plastic a New Life

Plastc Lab takes plastic waste and reforms it through a circular model. Using plastic sheets, beams, and block products, Plastic Lab builds interior pieces and construction materials.

Zoom In: Reborn Athletes, Sustainable Activewear created solutions for the inefficient usage of resources in manufacturing fabrics and apparel. Their core mission is to create sustainable activewear that fits like a cloud on the[...]

Zoom In: Nadeera, Digital Solutions for Waste Management

Nadeera is a social enterprise that provides digital solutions for solid waste management.

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