Zoom In: Plastc Lab, Giving Plastic a New Life

Plastic Lab
After 9 months of acceleration, we evolved our idea from an amateur project to a profitable business.

Plastic Lab

What They Do: 

Plastc Lab takes plastic waste and reforms it through a circular model. Using plastic sheets, beams, and block products, Plastic Lab builds interior pieces and construction materials. The final products are a good alternative for wood, steel and concrete for contractors, interior and furniture designers, as they are more affordable, waterproof and can be recycled again. 

Startup Experience: 

“We applied to the Cleanergy Accelerator Program as we knew about Berytech’s other programs and the great benefits for startups offered. By being part of the program, we hoped to cover all aspects of growing our idea and developing it into a sustainable business. On a personal level, we hoped to gain as much experience in terms of how to run a business properly, knowing that we all come from a scientific background.  

After 9 months of acceleration, we evolved our idea from an amateur project to a profitable business by setting a clear business model where we focused our sales channels on contractors, and interior/furniture designers. We now have a recycled plastic product that fits into the construction value chain and big volume production in our workspace. By the end of the program, we want to be able to produce all the materials set in our business model by acquiring all the machines needed, as well as launching our marketing campaign to reach as many people as we can.  

We are trying to make the best out of the economic crisis in Lebanon, even though it has made our process much harder. Considering that we are a hardware solution, our resources became very limited. Yet, it opened new opportunities for the single fact that all imported products became very expensive, having a 100% local product is key.  

The Cleanergy Accelerator Program helped us, not only financially but also by allowing us to develop on both the personal and professional level. What we are doing along with our colleagues in other startups gives hope, but we can never achieve anything without the help of organizations such as Berytech and its professional team. Even in the absence of a proper government, it’s always good to know that we are not alone in this fight.”   

Learn more about Berytech’s Cleanergy Accelerator program.

Picture of Maria Chahine

Maria Chahine

Maria joined Berytech in May 2020 and is currently a Communication & Outreach Officer. She coordinates department activities, manages information, and facilitates internal operations within the Department of Communication and Outreach.

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