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Garbaliser: WEEL Project Supports the Production of Natural Fertilizer

GARBALISER specializes in producing high-quality natural fertilizer using advanced fermentation technology, as well as benefiting from methane gas in the production of energy. After noticing the[...]

Modeo: Improves Manufacturing Process Through the Support of the WEEL Project

Modeo is the easiest way to create custom furniture, from your place wherever you are, just from your mobile device. Furniture that you can modify and upgrade anytime as much as you want. It’s based[...]

Delta Group: The European Union Support though WEEL project helps increase production capacity

Delta Group is a leading food company established in 1974, providing the highest quality ingredients from a range of more than 200 products supplied to local points of sale international food[...]

Wakilni: The EU Funded WEEL project provides substantial support to the SMEs Logistics Partner

Wakilni is a logistics partner targeting SMEs working in e-commerce. Wakilni offers last-mile delivery services, and dark warehousing including shelving and storage solutions, and international[...]

Wall Creations: Networking, Mentoring and Funding provided by the European Union through WEEL Project

Wall Creation customizes wallcovering for unique interior spaces, shaking the old industry of wallpaper production to re-introduce it into the modern world. Wall Creations offers an end-to-end[...]

Ariane Travel & Tourism: Financial and Expert Support provided by the European Union through WEEL Project

For more than 25 years, Ariane Travel & Tourism has been assisting a wide range of customers with all their travel needs, establishing itself as a market leader in providing top-notch services and[...]

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