Berytech Alumni Event 2024: Celebrating Unity and Success

In the dynamic realm of entrepreneurship, the strength of a network goes beyond individual accomplishments and thrives on shared journeys, collaborative experiences, and a solid support system. For Berytech, cultivating a sense of unity and maintaining a continuous environment of support among its different ecosystem players is pivotal, and this culture of collaboration paves the way for innovation and advancements all around.

The Strength of a United Network

February 15, 2024, marked Berytech’s first formal Alumni Event, which gathered more than 50 alumni from various programs for a night of networking, reflection, and celebration. The gathering acted as a pilot and stepping stone for a series of future events, intended to cultivate the network’s growth and foster a deep sense of belonging and unity among its members. This long-anticipated meet-up brought together entrepreneurs, innovators, and startups from Berytech’s different batches, to reunite and recognize the alumni’s international achievements from 2023.

Upon arrival, each alumnus was warmly greeted and presented with a pin, representing a collective journey and the shared experiences of the network through time. More than a symbol, this pin is intended for alumni to wear at future events and gatherings, marking their connection to the Berytech network.

Recognizing International Wins of 2023

Throughout the night, entrepreneurs and startups from diverse fields and backgrounds were featured: Innovators Hassan Jaafar, Marc Aoun, and Reine Metlej were celebrated for making the 2023 Forbes 30 Under 30 Middle East list, whilst Christopher Arida and Aya Hariri were recognized for making the Forbes 30 under 30 Europe list. Startups Dooda and Green Taqa were also acknowledged for their impressive wins as first-place holders in the PepsiCo Green House accelerator program and in the COP28 PepsiCo Arab Youth Hackathon, respectively.

Berytech’s recognition of alumni accomplishments goes beyond the scope of this gathering, with plans to highlight the network’s strength and milestones at numerous forthcoming events, discussions, talks, and collaborations.

Berytech’s alumni were not only celebrated for their remarkable wins, but also for their resilience through the years. Their journeys, marked by considerable determination and adaptability, speak for their growth and success. “It gives us great pleasure to witness how you’ve grown, despite the many challenges that have risen over the years”, stated Ramy Boujawdeh, COO of Berytech, recognizing the inspirational way this network turned troubles into opportunities to get to where they are. A lively session was held by Nemer Mansour, co-founder of Mezzmix, reflecting on a shared journey of collective experiences. This interaction, as well as an enlightening chat with Randa Farah, co-founder of Lebtivity, and Wael Saade, Co-Founder of Bildits, highlighted the importance of solid dynamics and a strong network.

From Past Achievements to Future Successes 

In his intervention, Youssef Yammine – Renewable Energy and Program Specialist at Berytech – shed light on the alumni’s impactful efforts in 2023, acknowledging their roles as ambassadors, coaches and mentors, and their contributions to establishing vital connections between Berytech and new stakeholders throughout. Looking ahead, Mr. Yammine unveiled ongoing plans to build the Berytech Alumni Governance, and to nominate a committee of members for active participation, emphasizing the pivotal role of the alumni in shaping the network’s future, and inviting each to contribute to its expansion. 

The insights gained from these discussions made it clear: the path forward is carved by the strength of a unified network, strong collaboration, and ongoing support.  

Mr. Maroun N. Chammas – CEO of Berytech – said it best: “The journey doesn’t end here; it should continue to foster strong connections and collaboration, leveraging collective strengths and networks to drive even greater success”.  

In the past 3 years, Berytech is proud to have supported 525 startups, generating 280 jobs in the process, and reaching a total funding of 1,028,352USD in 2023. With new opportunities on the horizon, the Berytech Alumni Network shows promise in inspiring a future where collaboration, support and innovation are at the core of growth and success.  

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Noor Maroun

Noor Maroun joined Berytech in January 2024, as a Content Writer for the Communication & Outreach Department. She supports the team in crafting compelling content for diverse media outlets and strives to ensure every message is communicated clearly and concisely.

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