Berytech Celebrates International MSMEs Day: Empowering Businesses for Economic Growth 

MSMEs are responsible for creating 50% of Lebanon's employment opportunities and are at the forefront of innovation and entrepreneurial activity.

Every year on June 27th, the world celebrates International MSME Day to recognize the significant role of Micro-, Small, and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs) in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

In Lebanon, MSMEs hold immense importance as they constitute 90% of the businesses, playing a crucial role in the country’s economy. These enterprises are responsible for creating 50% of Lebanon’s employment opportunities and are at the forefront of innovation and entrepreneurial activity. They introduce new ideas, products, and services, fostering a culture of innovation and driving competitiveness within the economy. 

At Berytech, our primary mission revolves around economic growth, and we are fully dedicated to empowering MSMEs. Through a comprehensive range of programs, we aim to support their growth, enhance their sustainability, and facilitate their overall success. 

The Pillars of Support 

Recognizing the diverse needs and challenges faced by MSMEs, we have consolidated our expertise and resources and forged strong partnerships with local and international stakeholders to provide a holistic support system for businesses across Lebanon.  

Incubation and Acceleration: Berytech’s programs provide targeted support to early-stage startups and growing businesses. Through mentoring, expert guidance, and access to funding, MSMEs refine their strategies, develop scalable business models, and accelerate their growth trajectory. 

Access to Finance: Berytech facilitates MSMEs’ access to financial resources through strategic partnerships with institutions, investors, and capitalists. By helping businesses secure funding opportunities, grants, and loans, Berytech enables them to expand operations, invest in innovation, and enhance their competitiveness. 

Capacity Building and Training: Berytech offers a wide range of capacity building programs and training initiatives tailored to the specific needs of MSMEs. From entrepreneurship workshops to industry-specific training sessions, these programs equip business owners with the knowledge, tools, and networks necessary to enhance their capabilities and succeed in a dynamic business environment. 

Technology and Innovation Support: Berytech promotes technology adoption and innovation among MSMEs. Through its facilities, access to technologies, and partnerships with research institutions, Berytech enables businesses to leverage digital transformation, enhance their products and services, and tap into emerging technologies such as AI, blockchain, and IoT. 

Market Access and Networking: Berytech fosters valuable connections and facilitates market access for MSMEs. Through networking events, industry forums, and business matchmaking sessions, Berytech creates opportunities for businesses to engage with potential clients, partners, investors, and suppliers, expanding their reach and fostering growth. 

Business Advisory: A cornerstone to Berytech’s support framework, where highly experienced business advisors work closely with MSMEs. They skillfully address the pain points of these businesses and provide comprehensive guidance on their business models from a 360-degree perspective. Drawing upon their extensive industry knowledge and expertise, the business advisors offer invaluable insights and strategic advice, enabling MSMEs to make informed decisions and overcome challenges on their growth journey with confidence. 

The MSMEs Programs 

As part of our commitment to supporting MSMEs, we have also launched several impactful programs and initiatives: 

The Food System Challenge: Focuses on supporting businesses and cooperatives to solve core challenges in the agricultural and agri-food sector in Lebanon driving positive change in the local and regional food systems. 

BASATINE: Focuses on supporting vulnerable farmers and related value chain actors in cereals, legumes and vegetables in Bekaa and Akkar regions. 

ARYAF: Focuses on substantially build and improve the capacity of MSMEs operating in food processing, local hospitality, tourism, the restaurant industry, eco-tourism, and agri-tourism within Bekaa and Mount Lebanon, contributing to job creation and promoting sustainable economic development.  

QOOT CLUSTER: Lebanon’s leading cluster dedicated to supporting the agri-food sector, fostering collaboration, innovation, and market access for MSMEs in the industry. 

Cluster4green: Focuses on promoting and developing the Mediterranean circular economy to create economic opportunities and address the lag in circular economy potential. It supports MSMEs in adopting circular economy innovation processes, establishes sustainable investment alliances, and aims to generate green businesses and jobs through Public-Private Partnerships. 

DAWERR (Diverting Waste By Encouraging Reuse And Recycling): Focuses on enhancing Lebanon’s social, environmental, and economic well-being through the establishment of sustainable solid waste recovery and diversion programs in rural areas. It aims to develop composting and recycling value chains and implement integrated solid waste management solutions in collaboration with municipalities. 

Lebanon Export Academy: Focuses on providing MSMEs and cooperatives in Lebanon with comprehensive training and resources to enhance their export capabilities. Implemented by UNIDO and UNDP, the program aims to support job creation and economic opportunities, with a focus on the agriculture and agri-food sectors initially, and later expanding to other productive sectors. 

SAFI (Scaling-up Agri-Food Innovations): Focuses on increasing private sector competitiveness and improving livelihoods in the agri-food sector through two cycles of acceleration and support for scalable SMEs. Its goal is to reduce import dependency by promoting local productivity, sales, and exports in Lebanon. 

StandUp!: Focuses on promoting sustainable textile entrepreneurship and fostering the transition to a circular economy in the Mediterranean. It provides training, financial grants, and market stimulation to support SMEs in the sector, strengthening the value chain and fostering cross-border collaborations. 

About Berytech 

Berytech is an ecosystem for entrepreneurs, providing a dynamic environment for the creation and development of startups and SMEs, fostering innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship in Lebanon. Since 2002, Berytech has assisted more than 4,200 entrepreneurs and helped create more than 3,400 job opportunities in Lebanon.  

Berytech’s support falls under capacity building/networking, policy reform, startup and SME development, startup, and SME incubation, startup acceleration and incubation, student entrepreneurship development, technology transfer support, and women empowerment.  

Berytech manages over 35 programs in agriculture and food, water, energy and food, clean technology, green entrepreneurship and circular economy, and social entrepreneurship, all involving ICT and innovation. 

Picture of Raghid Jarrah

Raghid Jarrah

Raghid Jarrah joined Berytech in July 2021 and is currently a Communication and Outreach Coordinator. He supports the team on various ongoing projects such as ARYAF, DAWERR, REAF, SAFI, WE4F, and others.

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