Bolstering Agriculture Systems’ Ability To Invest, Nourish, and Employ

A 4-year consortium programme to support vulnerable farmers and related value chain actors in cereals, legumes and vegetables in Bekaa and Akkar regions.

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BASATINE Programme

With the support of l’Agence française de développement (AFD), the Bolstering Agriculture Systems’ Ability to Invest, Nourish and Employ (BASATINE) is a four-year Consortium programme contributing to the recovery of affected small farms and maintaining employment opportunities of vulnerable populations by providing support to farm holders.

BASATINE will support vulnerable farmers and related value chain actors in cereals, legumes, and vegetables in Bekaa and Akkar regions. The Consortium is made up of six NGOs with vast experience in agriculture and market systems development.

They include CARE (as lead), Mercy Corps(MC), Berytech Foundation, Georges N. Frem Foundation (GNFF), Lebanese Organization for Studies and Training (LOST), and Al Majmoua.

We aim to boost the capacity of Lebanese agriculture to produce food for the local market, create and maintain jobs, generate social cohesion between host communities and refugees and promote gender equality.

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About the Programme

Securing economic development and social harmony in Akkar and Beqaa

BASATINE works directly with value chain actors in the cereal, legume and vegetable sectors in Akkar and Beqaa, which have been chosen to have the greatest positive influence on economic development and social harmony.

Many farms, Lebanese and refugee seasonal workers, value chain and associated sector actors and MSMEs will benefit from this programme. Throughout the project’s phases, a full range of services will be implemented to ensure that targeted farmers and market actors experience long-term changes.

The mission of the programme

Addressing food insecurity by ensuring adequate income and technical assistance to farmers to help them survive these difficult times

Improving the capacity of food systems to maintain employment and growth in the longer term

Building peace and ensuring social cohesion between refugees and host communities

Tackling vulnerabilities at individual, community, and institutional levels, for both host communities and refugees

The action plan

  • Ensuring rural growth and greater economic stability in Akkar and Beqaa

  • Ensuring improved access, control, or ownership of agricultural productive resources, assets, and services especially for women

  • Ensuring farmers and producers have an increased volume of sales

  • Maintaining, improving and creating new job opportunities

Targeted Beneficiaries

3,500 farmers

156 MSMEs

2,000 local seeds producers and 7 input suppliers

Donor & Partners

BASATINE project is funded by AFD (Agence Française de Développement) and implemented by CARE along with international partner Mercy Corps and local partners Berytech, GNFF (Georges N. Frem Foundation), LOST (Lebanese Organization for Studies and Training), and Al Majmoua.

The Role of Berytech

As one of the partners of the BASATINE programme, Berytech is responsible of the following scope

Building a digital platform to provide vital data to farmers and connect them to different communities and stakeholders in the agricultural value chain

Providing digital literacy training to the farmers enrolled in the program

Providing capacity building, business support, technical assistance, coaching, and in-kind grants to 156 MSMEs that work across the cereal, legume or vegetable value chains — in close collaboration with Mercy Corps

Matching the 156 MSMEs with key agri-food stakeholders and companies from QOOT - Lebanon Agri-Food Innovation Cluster

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Applications are now closed

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