Join BASATINE MSMEs Programme to scale up your agri-food business

BASATINE is providing MSMEs working across the cereal, legume and vegetable value chains with the required support to scale up their businesses and ensure their continuity to survive the current economic crisis in Lebanon.

Applications are now closed.

About BASATINE MSMEs Programme

As part of the BASATINE programme, Berytech and Mercy Corps are supporting 156 MSMEs working in the cereal, legume or vegetable value chains at any stage beyond the farming level — including, but not limited to, manufacturers of farming tools and equipment, manufacturers of packaging materials, transporters, storage centers, food processors, distributors, wholesalers, and exporters.

Throughout the BASATINE MSMEs Support programme, selected enterprises will benefit from a tailored package of capacity-building activities, business development services, technical assistance, coaching, and in-kind grants.

They will undergo a transformational journey of one year or more with clear milestones and objectives set from the start to achieve long-term business growth.

Why you should apply

Get full support to scale up your business across the cereal and vegetable value chains

  • Receive in-kind grants up to $25,000

  • Develop your business with tailored capacity building activities, business development services and one-one-one coaching

  • Get connected with key agri-food stakeholders and companies from QOOT — Lebanon Agri-food Innovation

  • Increase your employment capacity and hire more staff, especially women and youth

  • Build stronger linkages with key actors in the agri-food sector and related value chains

  • Get access to a consolidated knowledge-base related to the agri-food sector in Lebanon

Eligibility & Selection Criteria

The programme is open for MSMEs that:

Work across the cereal, legume and vegetable value chains beyond the farming level

Work outside Bekaa and Akkar but have a demonstrated impact on farmers in those two regions

Work in the regions of Bekaa or Akkar

Have a minimum of 3 full-time employees to a maximum of 60 full-time employees

Additional points will be given to:

Women-led MSMEs, applicants empowering women, or applicants employing women and youth

MSMEs working purely with vegetables, legumes or cereals

MSMEs using locally produced raw material

Eligibile Sectors

  • Food processing and transformation
  • Post Harvesting and handling
  • Packaging / Transportation / Logistics
  • Marketing, retail and distribution
  • Manufacturing of agri-processing machinery
  • Agri-tourism
  • Restaurants and hospitality sector
  • Digital platforms development
  • Exporters
  • Service providers to actors within the value chain

Any other business in the agri-food industry having a direct impact on the farmers in Akkar and/or Bekaa will be eligible.

The third round of applications is now open

For this second round, 52 MSMEs will be selected to benefit from the programme and its customized support package.

Applications are now closed

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