Berytech Community Meeting – the way forward

Berytech is in the process of gathering information and will seek support from donors.

Berytech, led by Chairman and CEO Maroun N. Chammas, and accompanied by IM Capital GM Nicolas Rouhana, Berytech Fund I Managing Partner Sami Beydoun, and Berytech Fund II MD Paul Chucrallah, gathered team members and startup founders in consecutive meetings, after the August 4 Beirut Port explosion, to reinforce the strength of the Berytech community, to renew Berytech’s commitment to supporting entrepreneurship especially in these challenging times, and to set forward a series of actions necessary for immediate emergency relief.


Chammas insisted on gathering the teams, while maintaining social distancing measures, away from virtual conferences and online calls, as necessary to regain collective strength after the repercussions of the explosion that has marked each person whether physically, mentally or emotionally. The meeting was geared towards putting Berytech’s entire capacity to support its community of entrepreneurs and startups in bouncing back and moving forward despite the recent cataclysmic events.


As an immediate response, Berytech had set up the Beirut Hope initiative to help members of its community who were impacted by the explosion by offering volunteer-led support. The team is now focused on building initiatives that will assist the community in overcoming the hurdles of the coming phases.


With that in mind, the Berytech, IM Capital and Berytech Fund II teams met with the community of startups and entrepreneurs to learn more of the impact of the explosion on each and every one, in order to better understand the type of solutions that need to be offered. The teams also discussed with entrepreneurs how they can adapt their solutions to relieve the disaster-struck city.


Stay tuned for more news as we receive updates from our community of entrepreneurs on their initiatives. Berytech is in the process of gathering that information and will seek support from donors.

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