Berytech Fab Lab: Everything you need to know!

Everyone can use the Berytech Fab Lab to make almost anything!

Berytech’s open-access digital fabrication workshop might be too rigid of a description for a space that is basically a playground for people who enjoy making things with their own hands.

The Berytech Fab Lab is essentially a makers space set up with a wide range of machines and equipment to allow students, professionals, artists, techies, entrepreneurs, and makers to experiment, create and prototype.

We caught up with Wael Khalil, Manager of the Berytech Fab Lab to talk about this maker’s haven nestled in the heart of Berytech.

Q: What’s a Fab Lab?

A: A Fab Lab is a space, a workshop for fabrication that is equipped with different machines and tools that are usually computer-controlled that allow you to work with different materials in different scales to make almost anything.

It’s not a place for mass production, it’s more of a place that empowers you to create different things from the extremely simple to the more complicated using industry-grade machinery.

There is no one there to make things for you. The Fab Lab has a team that helps you implement your project and teaches you to use the machines to make things yourself. Think of it as a DIY heaven, a place to experiment, to play, to tinker, to create things.

The best part is that the Fab Lab is not just a space, it’s a great worldwide community that shares knowledge, ideas, information and support. The Berytech Fab Lab is connected to the Fab Lab Network of more than 1,750 Fab Labs in 100 countries across the globe. Here’s an example of how this community came together for Lebanon.

Q: What kind of machines do you have?

A: 3D Printers, Laser Cutters, Vinyl Cutters, CNC Routers, Electronics Workbench, a vacuum forming machine, engineering software, and a vast array of power tools. Everything you need to build electronic prototypes and fabricate in woods, plastics, wax and soft material. Here’s a complete list of our machines.

Q: Who can use the Fab Lab and what can they make?

A: Everyone can use the Fab Lab to make almost anything!

Graphic Designers who might be looking to creating a small business or producing a certain project can make stickers, decals, custom labels, branding material and packaging prototypes.

Interior designers can work on developing any type of functional or art pieces including wall art, custom house products and accessories, coasters, stickers, furniture items, restaurant branded furniture, public art, vases, planters, and even office furniture.

Carpenters looking into integrating new creative additions to their designs can create stencils for day-to-day design production, custom stickers and graphical art for interesting painting techniques. The fab lab can also help develop tools that would simplify local custom production and creating templates they can use for local milling.

Signage Designers and Producers can create sign frames in different material, laser engraved signs, stickers, decals, branding material, logos and custom signs items.

School Teachers and Educators can work on a variety of projects such as bookmarks, scientific kid projects, puzzles, educational toys, art and even furniture. We can also collaborate on giving training courses and workshops for the kids based on their demand.

Parents who are looking for creative educational projects and skill building for their kids can also come to the lab to work on projects together as a special bonding time.

Cake makers, baristas and coffee enthusiasts can create custom cake toppers and custom stencils for drink toppings.

Event organizers can work on foam letters, luminaria bags, accessories for different occasions, custom furniture, vases, holders, art and custom furniture.

University Students looking into growing their technical skills can get access to the machinery, we offer them training on machines and professional production support that would allow them to test new ideas.

If you need inspiration, we’ve detailed some great projects here that are bound to get your creative juices running

Q: How can we access the Fab Lab?

A: The Berytech Fab Lab is in Berytech Mar Roukoz, here’s a map. We’re open from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm. Anyone can call us to book a time slot or just enquire. We have a very accessible pricing policy based on time and materials. We also offer yearly memberships for students and professionals.  

If you have any questions about Berytech’s Fab Lab, please email us on and we will get back to you. You can also call us on +961 4 533 040 ext. 1029 or drop us a visit.

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