Berytech launches Clean Technology Learning Series

We have been working with experts to detect challenges within the cleantech sector, we want to have open discussions to push for innovation, and this is where the learning series comes in

Berytech is gathering key experts alongside successful entrepreneurs in recurring weekly webinars to discuss the challenges in the Cleantech sector and how to innovate solutions accordingly. The Clean Technology Learning Series will focus on three pillars: Waste Management, Water and Wastewater, and Renewable Energy. 

“We have been working with experts as well as the public and private sectors to detect a list of challenges within the cleantech sector, and we believe that those challenges could fuel our local brains and initiate a broad interest in this sector. We want to have open discussions to push for innovation, and this is where the learning series comes in,” explains Salah Awad, Deputy Program Director at Berytech in charge of the ACT Smart Innovation Hub Initiative.

An Online Educational Series 

Through the Clean Technology Learning Series, Berytech will showcase a number of key experts alongside successful entrepreneurs in each of the three cleantech sectors in recurring weekly webinars, scheduled every Tuesday afternoon on Zoom Video Communications Platform. Each webinar will include three information sessions of one hour each, one on Waste Management, one on Water and Wastewater and one on Renewable Energy. Participants may join one or all three sessions.

Webinar 1 Summary

Ziad Abi Chaker, CEO at Cedar Environmental L.L.C, intervened as a guest speaker and entrepreneur in the Waste Management session, talking about the role of the private sector and entrepreneurs after the coronavirus pandemic in developing a roadmap to avoid another health crisis.

During the second session on Water and Wastewater management, Salah Saliba, Private Sector Engagement Team Lead on the USAID-funded Lebanon Water Project (LWP) at DAI, shared the business opportunities to attract the participation of the private sector in water sector performance improvement. He was joined by Marc Aoun, founder and CEO of CubeX SAL, a home scale wastewater and solid waste treatment system, who shared his entrepreneurial journey as a startup in the water sector.

The last session of the webinar tackled Renewable Energy. Hassan Hrajli, Project Manager of the UNDP-CEDRO project, talked about expending localized energy opportunities – disconnect to connect. He was joined by Antoine Skeyem, CEO at FREE energy, a firm specialized in customizing renewable and energy efficiency solutions.

Webinar 2 Summary

Dr. Dominique Salameh, Head of Continuous Learning and Training Department and Doctoral Programs at the Faculty of Sciences of Saint Joseph University, intervened as a guest speaker in the Waste Management session, talking about opportunities and challenges in satisfying industrial value chain gaps through entrepreneurship and niche sectors strategies. He was joined by Khoder Eid, founder of Green Track, who discussed sorting at source as a duty and a right that should be affordable to all.

During the second session on Water and Wastewater management, Hussam Hawwa, founder and CEO of Difaf, spoke about considering circular economy principles for wastewater treatment and reuse potential in Lebanon. He was joined by Jules Hatem, founder and Managing Director of Triple E, who focused on the decentralized innovative solutions for wastewater treatment in Lebanon.

The last session of the webinar tackled Renewable Energy. Jessica Obeid, Energy Consultant and Academy Associate at Chatham House, talked about cleantech in economic activities. She was joined by Jad Bsaibes, Co-founder of Green Power Generation, an energy service company with the aim to help clients reduce their yearly energy consumption by 50% and more.

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