Berytech Launches the Go2Market Regional Hackathon & Acceleration Program

The Go2Market Regional Hackathon  and Acceleration Program will enable researchers to validate their innovation in the market, further strengthen their know-how, and define their go-to-market strategy tapping into the Mediterranean Food-Energy-Water Nexus sector.  

Under the PHEMAC project, Berytech is organizing the Go2Market Regional Hackathon and Acceleration Program that will enable researchers to validate their innovation in the market, further strengthen their know-how and define their go to market strategy tapping into the Mediterranean Food-Energy-Water Nexus sector.   

The selected projects will go over an intensive program where they will receive technical and practical guidance with experts in the WEF-NEXUS sector, develop their commercialization and market strategy, learn about basic financial modelling, and prepare a pitch to present to investors and partners.     

Three-phase Program 

The Go2Market Hackathon & Acceleration Program consists of 3 different phases: 

The Go2Market Hackathon Program, starting on November 29, 2021, where the trainers will deliver an intensive bootcamp on commercialization, innovation, growth and gotomarket strategies in the Water-Energy-Food Nexus sector in the Mediterranean region.  

Up to 24 projects from 8 countries: Lebanon, Egypt, France, Morocco, Spain, Tunisia, Jordan and Italy will be part of the program and will benefit from the intensive virtual hackathon. 

Eight projects will enter the phase 2, The Acceleration Program, that will provide personalized support, being accompanied by a dedicated coach, and giving them access to potential partners, licensees, investors, consultants, technical providers.  

In the final phase, the eight projects will be invited to pitch in front of potential up takers of innovation. The pitch will be  done during the Virtual Tunisian Innovation Week on January 17-22, 2022.   

Who Can Apply  

The program is open for researchers and independent entrepreneurs working on early stage prototypes and technology solutions looking for commercializing their innovations to address the needs and opportunities in WEF-NEXUS sector in the Mediterranean region including university students, alumni, researchers from target faculties working on business or research projects and individuals, or members of an R&D transfer department in the industrial sector.  

Deadline to apply is November 15, 2021 on this link.  

If you have any questions about the Go2Market Hackathon and Acceleration Program, please contact Ms. Camille Mallat, Senior Programs Coordinator at  Berytech:  

About  Phemac  

The PHEMAC project is co-funded by the European Union under the PRIMA program. This project consists of creating an interactive IHUB platform which aims to capitalize on the results and best practices of the innovative projects carried out and those in progress linked to NEXUS and more particularly in the fields of water and agriculture in the Euro-Mediterranean region. PHEMAC will focus on best practices and projects related to farming system, water and food.  

Berytech is an implementing partner in Lebanon of the PHEMAC project and activities, including the setting up of an innovation support helpdesk to facilitate the successful replication of cataloged and validated best practices in the EU-MPC region, the organization of innovation weeks, hackathon events, bootcamp and Go2market support activities.  

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