Berytech launches ‘Women on Top’ series powered by LLWB

Posted on April 25, 2019

We want to highlight women through their stories on overcoming challenges and on their entrepreneurial endeavors”

Highlighting their stories

Berytech has partnered with the Lebanese League for Women in Business – LLWB, to create a series of articles titled ‘Women on Top’ to be published on the Berytech blog. 

The purpose is to highlight women entrepreneurs and executives by writing a series of motivational interviews about their stories, overcoming their own challenges and their entrepreneurial endeavors,” explains Reina Dib Angoujard – Head of Communication and Outreach at Berytech. The articles will then be promoted online and on social media to inspire others.

Women Empowerment

This new series comes part of a track of activities Berytech has dedicated to supporting women entrepreneurs in overcoming the constraints they face to thrive in entrepreneurship and in maximizing their potential contributions to the digital sector. 

Within this track, Berytech aims to motivate women to launch, grow and succeed in their own ventures by creating customized programs, competitions and tracks and identifying successful role models; and influencing policies towards the support of women entrepreneurs. 

Activities have included the co-founding and management of the Femme Francophone Entrepreneurs competition for the past 8 years, participating in WeHubs, an EU project whose objective was to provide support to women entrepreneurs with the aim of increasing their participation in web enterprises, and the launching of the Lebanese Women Angel Fund by one of Berytech’s funding arms – IM Capital, in partnership with LLWB to empower women to become seed investors. 

Inspiring Others

As the first batch for the series, Berytech has solicited Yusr Sabra – Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Wakkilni, Sarah Beydoun – Founder and Creative Director at Sarah’s Bags, Reine Abbas – Founder and CEO at SpicaTech, Aline Kamakian – Owner and CEO at FIG Holding, Sabine el Kahi – Founder at Kids Genius, Aseel Honein – Managing Partner at Val De Fii, Soumaya Merhi – Founder at Taqa, Rima Nazer – Founding Partner and Director at Jardins D’Eden, Isabelle Saliba – Co-Owner at Saliba Mills, Nathalie Touma – Owner at Clos St. Thomas, and Najah Jaroush – Founder at Tassamim.

We all know that women represent 50% of the population… 51% of our university graduates are women. Imagine the impact on the Lebanese economy, if we have at least 30% of our women university graduates as entrepreneurs! It is not only the role of our Academia but that of the entire ecosystem to make sure this dream comes true,” comments Asma El Zein – President of LLWB.