Berytech’s Ultimate Gift Guide for Christmas 2019

Berytech’s Ultimate Gift Guide for Christmas 2019_web - 1200x628px
Buying local is a great way not only to support Lebanese businesses but to show solidarity in critical times
Berytech’s Ultimate Gift Guide for Christmas 2019_web - 1200x628px

It’s that time of year again! Where everyone is making a list, and checking it twice, to find out who’s naughty or nice 🙂 Can you hear the tune yet? We sure can!

Last year we made a list of startups in our community whose products and services we thought would make excellent Christmas gift ideas. Our aim was to help you shop local while supporting Lebanese entrepreneurs. 

If you missed last year’s list, we had suggested honey from L’Atelier du Miel, wine from 209 Lebanese Wine, a guitar tuner from Roadie Tuner, fashion from Karoline Lang, unique pieces from Bokja, tech gadgets from the VR-Kit c/o Dermandar, a construction game from Bildits, vacuum-packed delicacies from Smart Gourmet, and custom labels from Essmak. All Lebanese startups.

This year, more than ever, buying local is a great way not only to support Lebanese businesses but to show solidarity in critical times. So, here’s Berytech’s Ultimate Gift Guide for Christmas 2019.

For the foodie

This year we’re kicking off  the list with some gourmet suggestions starting with the nation’s pride: zaatar or thyme. Fady Aziz quit his full-time job in design to follow his true love (and that of millions of Lebanese). He harvests local thyme, creates delicious mixes and sells them brilliantly packaged under The Good Thymes label. Check out his Christmas special bundles!

Eshmoon is another brand of passion, that of Samer Toutoungy, a yogi and specialist in natural products biotechnology (yes this is a specialization!) who launched an entire range of alternative chocolate products using Lebanon’s carob molasses as a healthy base. Eshmoon have around 70 products to choose from and nice gift bundles too. Happy healthy shopping!

Jamil Haddad started with Colonel Beer, a microbrewery on the Batroun coast that only complemented the beachside marvel. From beer, Jamil has expanded to also creating Gata gin, Arak El Kaed and Lebanese craft Secreterre vodka – something to get the holiday party started for every type of glass.

Atayeb el Jabel is your catering source if you are planning any kind of holiday event and want authentic Lebanese food and delicacies made by rural women. Best part is that you can order everything online including their Christmas package. 

Another come-back to this year’s list is the Christmas packages of 209 Lebanese wine, ordered straight from their online platform, as well as L’Atelier du Miel who have both made it a point to have gift ideas available for every taste and budget. 

For the kids

For the little ones, Afaf Balaa, a specialist in early child education, has created Da3douka, a great (and only) local option for natural and safe playdough made from food-grade ingredients in endless color options and sweet scents. Contact Afaf to also join one of the many Da3douka workshops around the country. 

For your skin

Rafa Hojeij is a biochemist and an expert in organic skin care. She spent 18 months in developing a skin-care line handcrafted in Lebanon using the finest organic materials. Potion Kitchen gift sets are appropriately named indulge, uplift and relax – a home spa for your skin and hair. 

Khan El Kasr_web-02

Using the talent and experience given from his father, Salim Ghannnam tried for many sleepless nights to make the best natural soap that he and the next generation would like to use. Today his children distribute Khan el Kasr internationally with more than 30 products to choose from.  

Youssef Fares inherited olive groves in his village Baino in Akkar and ended up creating one of Lebanon’s tastiest olive oil brands: Zejd. His products range from organic extra virgin olive oil to all sorts of olive-based products but if we must pick something, it has to be the spa packages with absolutely divine olive oil soap products. 

For your online shopping

Mint Basil is a local online shop for a wide range of healthy, natural products that delivers to your door. Our favorite tab on their website is the SHOP LOCAL one that opens to 20 pages of great produce proudly made in Lebanon!

Loolia closet is a perfect online destination to shop for the women in your life from glittery makeup to statement T-shirts. Make sure to shop their curated selection of local designers and brands.

For the experience

Saria Hanna created wonder.full box with the idea of allowing you to gift the magic of experiences carefully selected from around Lebanon ranging from romance, to adventure, to art or glamour. Once your loved one receives the box, they can pick their favorite experience from a list and just book it. 

Need a sitter?

Our next two gift ideas are for sitting, not in the literal sense but rather for either your kids or your pets. Ha! 


The first is a gift voucher from Jaleesa, a startup who provides professional childcare for every need with an expert crew that can be booked straight from your phone – a darling gift to give to a tired mama so she can have some proper holiday fun. 

Sidelick is also a one-click away service for pet sitters, a nice surprise for pet owners who might be travelling for the holidays or just need someone to look in. We’ve tried their services first-hand and their sitters are top notch professionals!

Customize it 

ID Plus is a great destination for shopping for home gifts. With everything designed and manufactured in Lebanon, the cool concept showroom lets you customize its items to make them unique to the person you are giving them to. 

Make it yourself

Berytech Fab Lab_Chess Board_web-01

Last but not least, the best kind of gift is the gift you make yourself and our Berytech Fab lab is there just for that. Create your own gift from jewelry to robots using our 3D printing machines, CNC machines, electronics lab, and a bunch of laser stuff. We suggest you go on Pinterest to get ideas and then head straight to the Fab Lab to ask Wael or Issa for assistance! 

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